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Monday Sept 24, 2023

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

BIG THANKS to John Ketarkus & Jack Kelley who sponsored today's lunch.

John provided homemade Mostaccioli with a Meatball & Tomato Sauce, Italian Salad

and Biscotti for dessert - it was DELICIOUS. Word had it there may have been a little Amaretto in the Biscotti. Guys were asking for John's rescipe.

Jack Kelley also brought a box of Chips, Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos for the gang.

Dr. Ron Kraus brought an O&H Kringle. Charley Presta brought a extra large bag of candy. Renee & Dave Benjamin brought 3 12-Packs of Soda.

Jack Kelley '58 H, John Ketarkus '56

Joining Us: John Ketarkus, Jack Kelley, Felicia Kelley, Ed DeMeulenaere, Charley Presta, Gary Schonert, Joe Woitach, Jerry Jardina, Terry Toll, Dave O'Brien, Mike Hyduke,

Dave Benjamin, Frank D'Acquisto, Don Klemt, George Oteman, George Gordon,

Roger DeMark, Alia Onaczynski, Cathy Poulsen, Jeff Tarkowski, Dick Heidenreich,

Dan DeMatthew, Joe Ingrasci, Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen, Carol Rawlinko, Marie Welsh,

Marty Defatte, Bob Broihier, Jeff Pulda, Cinti Sanchez, Del Alton, Jerry Jardina,

Chris Gorman, Bobby Letsch Jr, Dan Kovara, Ken Kusters, John Miller, Steve Albright,

Joe Macareno, Greg Pitts, Dan Peterson, Dr. Ron Kraus, Dan Bentz, Amy DeMatthew

• Packer Pool Winner.......Jack Kelley

• The Flower arrangement donated to the Alumni House by Mark & Hillary Krejcha for the Preservation Racine Tour was raffled off. The winner was Don Klemt.

• Tom Griffey donated a number of clothing items to the McGuire/Letsch Scramble.

He asked that 1 SPECIAL item be given to Jeff Tarkowski - because of its size.........

XXXL Shorts ----- Enjoy, Jeff ----- Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tom & Jeff are friends and Pius XI Alumni

• SPECIAL THANKS to Volunteers...........

• John Ketarkus '56, Joe Macareno '76, Marty Defatte '60 H, who passed out pizza at SCHS's Annual College night Wednesday Sept 20th in SCHS Auditorium coordinated by Jeff Tarkowski '73 Pius XI. Jeff is an SCHS Guidance Counselor

• Dan Bentz '58, Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin '60 and hubby Dave Benjamin '61 assisted at the Alumni House for Racine Preservation Tour, Sunday Sept 24th, 12 noon til 5:30 pm.

• Mark '67 & Hilary '68 (Miller) Krejcha donated a beautiful flower arrangement to each of the homes/buildings on Sunday's Preservation Racine Tour. Don Ricchio donated an original artist rendering of each of the homes/buildings on the tour.


• Table 1: / Bobby Letsch Jr/ Chris Gorman defeated Frank D'Acquisto/Don Klemt 4-1.

Frank then left ------- Surprise - Surprise !!!

Bob Letsch/CWood teamed against Don Klemt/Bobby Letsch losing 5-1

Donny "Dozen" Klemt was hot - opened the 1st game with a 28 hand.

• Table 2: Bob Letsch/ George Gordon lost to Dan DeMatthew/ Charley Presta 1-3.

Joe Macareno/ George Gordon, Bob Letsch/CWood, Dan DeMatthew/Charley Presta-

all were 1-2 each winning one game

• Angels Connecting..................

• Class of '77 has a Reunion Organizational meeting at the Alumni House

Wednesday Oct 4th - contact Frank D'Acquisto for details -

• The Class of '65 golfed at Greensboro GA over the past week at their Annual Golf Outing.

Twenty two were in attendance.........Dan Kovara reported the guys had a wonderful time.

Bob Schroeder is the organizer with assistance from Tim Paulson.

STILL CRAZY - Greensboro Sunday, Sept. 17th -- Thursday, Sept. 21st, 2023

Interesting these gentlemen are pictured at the BAR.........

Never heard of any one of them drinking in high school ---- Ha! Ha!



• Purchase your Angels Items online. Click on......

* Dick Graceffa '69 will be covering local High School football on Radio, check it out at

• Angels In the News.........

• Racine News..........

• Prayers for the families of departed Angels and Friends......

• Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Tom Clazmer's uses a walker and dealing with heath issues.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Joe Ingrasci new heart issue is still being evaluated. Still waiting for a decision.

  • Former SCHS Golf Coach Dave Arkenburg - led them to 2nd place at State Golf in 2018. Dave is dealing with serious health issue.

  • Jim Poulsen has returned to St Monica's. Seems to be doing well, vast improvements.

  • Don Hansen dealing with COPD

  • Rob Gordon using braces on his legs

  • Victor Moreno difficulty walking - leg issues

  • Jeff DeMatthew had his 3rd Heart Ablation

  • Rick Cramer is up and out and about.

  • Walt Strini has been moved to Siena for rehab, daily improvements

  • Walt's wife Sandy has a Holter Monitor dealing with Heart issue.

  • Tom Goebel dealing with A-Fib.

  • Joe Clazmer in the hospital

  • Jeff Pulda dealing with Kidney Stones. His wife Hip Replacement surgery was successful, she back to driving.

  • Gary Schonert had a Stimulator Inserted in his back to relieve Leg Pain, not working yet

  • George Gordon - 6 stitches over his left eye are healing well.

  • Rick Jones had a Blood Transfusion this past Thursday - He was down 2 PTs, apparent Iron deficiency.

Fr Ron Crewe - from Bob Broihier: I talked with Beth Schneider today. She said Father Ron is able to receive visitors. She recommended to contact her before going - her phone number is 262 352 6578. She will try to keep us from more than 1 visitor per time frame.

He is in a wheelchair and is still at Elizabeth Residence 10441 south Nicholson Road.

• Special Prayers needed for:

Chris & Sue Gorman's grandson Eli, Don Heck, Jack Kelley, Tom Konieczko, Ken Kusters, Tom Pulda, Dave O'Brien, George Gordon, Bob Letsch, Bob Garrity, Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz,

Jim Poulsen, Mickey Postorino, Helen (Willmes) Miller, Mike O'Brien, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Del Alton's wife, Marty Defatte's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Dan Peterson's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger

Important Dates:

• McGuire/Letsch Scramble - Ives Grove - Friday Sept 29th

Register on-line at - today !!!

• Thanksgiving - Thursday November 23rd

• Premier "Stayin Alive" Video - Monday Dec 4th - SCHS Cafeteria

Christmas Day - Monday Dec 25th - Alumni House Closed

Angel Athletics -

Home Game Protocols and Procedures Racine St. Catherine’s Home Game Protocols and Procedures

All tickets must be purchased ahead of time at

  1. Ticket sales will open 1 week prior to each event

  2. Ticket sales close at 2:00pm the day of the event for varsity football games as well as JV2/JV/Varsity boys basketball games. Any individual(s) not purchasing tickets by 2:00pm will not be allowed into the game

  3. Tickets can be printed at home to be scanned at the event or shown in the Ticket Spicket app on cellular devices to be scanned. NO SCREENSHOTS ACCEPTED

  4. Gates/entrance close 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the varsity event. Anyone not in the game at this time will not be allowed in

  5. Refunds will only be issued for ticket purchases if the event is canceled

  6. No re-entry to the event, once you leave you will not be allowed back in

  7. All middle/elementary school students must be with an adult

  8. Metro Classic Conference passes are still allowed at the gate for Metro Classic Conference games only, no digital ticket required. For Non-Conference Games, Metro Classic Conference passes are not accepted and a digital ticket is required

  9. 6 and under are free, no digital ticket required.

  10. St. Catherine’s students are free with school ID, no digital ticket required. If no ID, a purchased ticket will be required

  11. Siena employees are free with ID, no digital ticket required. If no ID, a purchased ticket will be required

  12. Video Tutorial that shows how to purchase tickets and use app

Football (4-0 Metro Classic Conference, 5-1 Overall) Friday the Angels football team hosted St. Thomas More at Pritchard Park and the Angels got on the board early and often as they had a 28-0 lead after the first quarter and a 35-0 lead at halftime. In the 1st quarter Lamont Hamilton got the scoring started when he was able to haul in a 33 yard TD reception from Mariano Talamantez. Imarion Holder continued the scoring with a 5 yard rushing touchdown shortly after. Issac Cantu would then pick up a fumble caused by Talamantez and bring it 21 yards for a touchdown. Talamantez finished a busy 1st quarter by tacking on a 7 yard touchdown run. In the 2nd quarter Talamantez would find Issac Cantu for a 52 yard TD reception. The Angels would add 2 more touchdowns in the 3rd quarter as Javion Hunter would return a 58 yard interception for a touchdown and Jerome Hinton would have a 19 yard touchdown run. On the evening Talamantez would go 5-11 for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Holder had 79 yards rushing and 1 touchdown and Hamilton had 58 yards and 1 touchdown.

Boys Soccer (3-0) Metro Classic Conference, 6-3-1 Overall) The boys soccer team found themselves back in their winning ways on Tuesday night at Pritchard Park as they were able to defeat Racine Lutheran 6-0. Edgar Gomez had a great evening as he was able to score the first goal of the night, assisted by Santino Garica, and then Gomez assisted on the next two goals which were scored by Abel Galvan and Carsen Naidl. Naidl opened up the scoring in the second half and Alex Wilkey finished the scoring with a goal in the last minute. Edgar Cesario-Olivares had a great game in the goalbox as he was able to shutout the Crusader offense. Saturday the Angels boys soccer team traveled to Uihlein Soccer Park to face off against Pius XI in a non-conference matchup. The Angels played well and gave it their best effort, but in the end they didn’t have enough for Pius as the Angels were defeated 3-1. Wade Roberson scored the lone goal on the day for the Angels, assisted by Abel Galvan.

Girls Volleyball (0-4 Metro Classic Conference, 5-9 Overall) Thursday night the Angels girls volleyball team traveled to Martin Luther. The Spartans played extremely well and the Angels just couldn’t find their rhythm as the Angels fell to the Spartans 13-25, 12-25 and 17-25. Emmerson Davidovic led the team with 2 kills and 1 ace.

Boys Volleyball (1-3 Southern Lakes Conference, 2-5 Overall) Tuesday night the boys volleyball team had a great battle against the Horlick/Park United boys volleyball team. After the team dropped the first two sets 10-25 and 17-25, they bounced back to win the third and fourth seats 25-19 and 25-22. Unfortunately in the last set the Angels didn’t have enough as they were defeated 12-15. Caleb Scott and Sam Pitrof led the Angels with 9 kills each. Lucas Adams had a great day as well leading the team with 24 assists. In a Southern Lakes conference game on Thursday night the St. Catherine’s/Lutheran/Prairie boys volleyball team hosted Union Grove. The team improved as the game went along, however in the end it wasn’t enough as the Angels fell to the Broncos 11-25, 8-25 and 24-26. Sam Pitrof led the team with 8 kills while Caleb Scott had 5. Lucas Adams had 18 assists and Parker Kauzlarich had 5 digs.

Girls Tennis (1-4 Metro Classic Conference, 2-11-1 Overall) Monday night the St. Catherine’s/Lutheran girls tennis team hosted a very talented Martin Luther team. Claire Mathew was able to defeat her opponent 6-4, 7-5 and Nylah Kraus lost a very close match 6-4, 06, 6-10. In the end the Angels did not have enough for the Spartans as the Spartans defeated the Angels 6-1. Thursday the girls tennis team traveled to Racine Horlick to face off against the coop team of Racine Horlick/Racine Park. The team battled hard but in the end coudn’t pull it off as they were defeated 1-6. The doubles team of Elena Gaither/Marissa Feurestein defeated their opponents 6-4, 3-6, 10-6. Saturday the St. Catherine’s/Lutheran girls tennis team hosted the Metro Classic Conference tournament at The Prairie School. The Angels performed well all day long and ended up finishing in 5th place overall. Claire Mathew was the high performer of the day as she finished in 4th place. Nylah Kraus and Marissa Feuerstein finished in 5th place in singles competition. In doubles competition the teams of Lily Hoffman/Saleysia Cruz and Michelle Perez/Jael Lacy each finished in 5th place.

Girls Golf Girls golf did not have any matches this week. Their next match is regionals at Brightondale on 9/26

Cross Country Friday afternoon the Angel cross country team traveled to Burlington Woods for the Racine County Cross Country meet. Both Angels runners had a great afternoon. Sean Moore led the way for the Angels as he finished 25th with a time of 20:22.7. Sidney Davis finished 37th with a time of 24:29.2.

Girls Swim

  • Tuesday night the PSC Aquatics team traveled to Delavan-Darien to participate in a double dual with Delavan-Darien and Burlington. The girls swam extremely well and many girls had personal bests. Overall the team scored 58 points to Delavan-Darien’s 93 and 26 points to Burlington’s 139. Below are high performances of the night.

    • CC Berkey

      • 50 yard freestyle (3rd, 31.75)

      • 100 Butterfly (4th, 1:37.21)

    • 200 Freestyle Relay

      • Team consisted of CC Berkey, Taina Byron, Sophia Reeser, Anna Nguyen (3rd, 2:21.77 )

    • 200 Medley Relay

      • Team consisted CC Berkey, Sora Pearson, Anna Nguyen, Sophia Reeser (4th, 2:41.53 )

    • Sophia Reeser

      • 200 Freestyle (4th, 2:42.88)

      • 500 Freestyle (4th, 7:24.83)

Upcoming Angel Athletic Events Monday September 25th

  • No games/matches/events scheduled

Tuesday September 26th

  • Girls golf regionals @ Brightondale @ 9:00am

  • Girls volleyball vs. Shoreland Lutheran @ 6:30pm

Wednesday September 27th

  • Boys soccer @ Martin Luther @ 6:30pm

Thursday September 28th

  • Boys soccer vs. Indian Trail @ SCORe @ 4:30pm

  • Cross Country @ Johnson Park @ 4:00pm

  • Boys volleyball triangular vs. Kenosha Bradford and TBD @ 5:00pm

  • Girls volleyball @ Dominican @ 6:30pm

Friday September 29th

  • Football @ Lake Country Lutheran @ 7:00pm

Saturday September 30th

  • Girls swim @ Racine Unified Aquatic Center @ 9:00am

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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