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Once the purchase of the building was finalized, FRIENDS OF ANGELS president Chuck (Charlie) Wood enlisted the help of Jim Cramer '59 and Earl Wirtz '58—two highly skilled alumni who spearheaded the renovation. They recruited other talented volunteers, and the group became affectionately known as "Charlie's Angels." And they truly were. Each one devoted hundreds of hours of time and talent to the Alumni House renovation, eventually expanding their services to the school, where they completed over 100 projects between 2008-2014 saving St. Catherine's an estimated $75,000. Check out a partial list of their school projects below. A simple thank you was all they required to continue their service. This is truly an amazing group of guys.

Charlie's Angels at Work

Left to right:  Joe Woitach '59, Earl Wirtz '58, Ed Howard (SCHS Honorary Grad 2009), Jim Cramer '59,

Tom Mielcarek '63, Dan Bentz '58, Ralph Mazzie '70, Dave Benjamin '61 (not pictured—golfing or fishing that day)

Jim Cramer '59

Boss Man

Ed Howard (Honorary 2009)

Plumber Man

Bob Garrity '62


Terry Kovara '64

Broom Man 

Colin Pankow '80


Fr. Cletus Uhen

Chaplain & Confessor

Charlie's Angels on Graduation Day 2009, when Angel Ed Howard received his honorary diploma from St. Catherine's. These Angels clean up well, don't they?

Dan Bentz '58

Painter Man

Tom Lielcarek 

Post Man

The Growing Family of Angels

As work progressed on the building renovation, more Angels joined the group to contribute time and talent.

Mondays became a routine day to meet and discuss the items that needed to be address in the near future.

Mondays also became a tradition for Alumni and Friends to meet, have lunch and visit. The list of helpers and visitors keeps growing........................

Those not pictured here include:


Dave O'Brien '58, Upholstery Man


Dave Keenan '66, Helper


John Burgess, Helper


Dan Peterson '65, Helper


Jack Kelley '58 H, Water Man


Dan Lesperance '65, Helper


Tom Krug '60, Electric Man


Jim Lueloff, Helper


Todd Pettit '61, Money Man


Jeff Pulda '71, Mr. Warmth


Bob Letsch '61, The Man


Tom Reisenauer '54, Alumni Man


Larry Benjamin '61, Softball Man


George Gordon, Champion Man


Tom Goebel '61, Electrical Support


Keith Ruelle '61, Music Man


Jim Poulsen '60, Connections Man


Don Klemt, Numbers Man


Roger DeMark '61, Ladies Man


Mike Iggulden '58, Warrior Club Man


Dick Milkie '53, Golf Ball Man

Ed DeMeulenaere, Iowa Man

Dick Heidenreich '49, Boxer Man

Pete Schiro '77, Fireman

Rick Ropiak '87, Police Man

Chris Gorman '77, Ankle Man

Frank D'Acquisto '77, Retirement Man

Dan DeMatthew '75, Cribbage Man

Gary Schonert '59 H,  Knee  Man

Bobby Letsch '84, The Rookie

Jim Rasmussen '76, Kringle Man

Mike Hyduke '70, Hot Springs Man

Rick Jones '73, City Man


Tom Kaiser


Earl Wirtz '58

Wire Man

Ralph Mazzie '81

Handy Man

Tom Mielcarek '63

Anchor Man

Jim Welsh '56

Chili Man

Tim Shea '73


Morley Torgerson '67


Dan Lesperance, Fr Uhen, Dave Benjamin, Tom Mielcarek, Jim Cramer Joe Woitach, Tom Krug, Earl Wirtz                                   Seated        Chuck Wood                Dan Bentz

Joew Woitach '59

Muscle Man

Jim Cramer '59

Boss Man

Dan Bentz '58

Paint Man

Eddie Howard

Plummer Man

Eddie Howard 




Tom Mielcarek '63

Anchor Man

Dave Benjamin '61

Ladder Man

Eddie Howard

Plummer Man

Colin Pankow '80


Tim Shea '73


Jim Morelli

Cement Man

Brendan O'Brien '99



Mike Seitz '73

Window Man


Jerry Kasinski '76  Backyard Lawn Man

                       Back Yard Lawn 


 Jerry Kasinski '76

           Grass Man

Jerry Kasinski '76

Grass Man



Tom Krug '60


SCHS Projects Completed by CHARLIE'S ANGELS


•  removed old cabinets and flooring from the AD's office

•  installed gym camera for the AD office

•  painted gym doors 

•  re-keyed gym, coaches office, athletic storage room and

   weight room to a universal key

•  installed 14 white screens in classrooms

•  moved Athletic and Alumni Hall of Fame plaques to first- and

   second-floor halls (over 350 plaques)

•  repaired and repainted cafeteria walls 

•  cleaned, re-caulked and painted basement windows

•  removed 8 iron radiators

•  assembled 30 computer stations

•  constructed and painted orchestra pit wall in auditorium

•  secured 9 science desks to floor

•  assembled batting cage in Aquin Field, east of garage

•  painted first-floor hallway

•  cleaned the gym bleachers

•  installed safety rails for the gym bleachers

•  checked batteries and replaced stand-by lights in entire school

•  cleaned trophy cases

•  installed 16 60-inch TVs in classrooms and removed 14

   white screens 

•  assembled 20 computer classroom work stations 

•  relocated 40 athletic plaques—regional and sectional

•  cleaned the floor, painted walls, rewired and created a parent

   reception area at the Angel Cheer/Pom Studio (over 2000 sq.

   ft.) in the Warren Packaging storage building on 4-Mile Road


Small Jobs Continue to Pop Up at The Alumni House

* Security Cameras installed on Front & Rear of the Building

* Security Bars installed over the rear windows

* In Sink Erator installed in Lower North Unit 

* Interior access doorway to Upper Units constructed in Lower North Unit

* Fire Extinguishers installed in Upper & Lower Units

* Screen Doors added to two front doors

* Alumni side door repainted

* New Door Handles installed on two front doors

* Three Desks and Bookcase were assembled for the Siena Offices in the Lower North Unit

* Basement was cleaned of trash

* Backyard was cleaned of over growth

* Small Refrigerator installed Lower North Unit

* Wall Cabinets installed over sink Lower North Unit

* Constructed Shelving for SCHS Memorabilia


Jack Kelley '58 H

Hammer Man

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