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Monday Lunch with Alumni

There's an open invitation to reminisce with fellow SCHS alumni at the Alumni House Mondays around 11:30 a.m. Stop by to sample Jim Cramer's venison stew or a Mary Woitach meal. Other specialties are Dick Milkie's lasagna and Jim Welsh's chili. You may even snag a Dan Bentz autograph...or birthday cake...or celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary as we did for George and Pat Gordon. 

Monday Lunch with Alumni

There's an open invitation to reminisce with fellow SCHS alumni at the Alumni House Mondays around 11:30 a.m. Stop by to sample Jim Cramer's venison stew or a Mary Woitach meal. Other specialties are Dick Milkie's lasagna and Jim Welsh's chili. You may even snag a Dan Bentz autograph...or birthday cake...or celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary as we did for George and Pat Gordon. 

Special Guests Visit the Alumni House


Monday Lunch Alumni recently welcomed several special guests for lunch at the Alumni House (L-R):


Dan Horton ‘73

SCHS Foundation Board


Heather Orth ’88

SCHS Board of Directors


Brenda White

President, Siena Catholic Schools of Racine


Tim Weiss

SCHS VP of Advancement

SCHS Alumni Kangaroo Court

The proceedings were held Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Alumni House, Honorable Daniel E. Bentz ’58 presiding. The litigants were Jerry Jardina ’61 vs. Roger DeMark ’61.  Representing Mr. Jardina was Attorney Gregory A. Pitts '96 of Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Knurr.  Mr. DeMark's Attorney, John Kopoulos, was still in bed at time of trial. Joseph Woitach ’59 served as bailiff. A packed courtroom heard testimony from both Mr. Jardina & Mr. DeMark.  Both were found guilty:  Mr. DeMark of stating a falsehood publicly and Mr. Jardina for filing a false report against Mr. DeMark. Honorable Daniel E. Bentz sentenced both to pay a $20 fine to the Alumni House kitty. Court costs were waived in lieu of lunch.

Notable ALUMNI VISITS happen often at the Alumni House. Pictured with Father Cletus Uhen is Rich Schinkowitz '61, of Texas. Also reconnecting with Father are brothers John '47 and Bill Whaley '55. Bill was in town from Connecticut. And...Angels Earl Wirtz and Dan Bentz enjoyed a visit from classmate Malilee Ellis '58, who was visiting from France. Other alumni who have visited us at the Alumni House include Morley Torgerson '67 of Mesa, AZ, Rich Konieczko '64 of Las Vegas NV, John Dacquisto '61 of Spokane WA, Jim Monty '54 of Kansas City, Dr. Robert Jaklich '77 of Victoria TX, Randy Letsch '65 of Cleveland OH, and Bob Schroeder '65 of Atlanta GA.

Judy McGuire and son Tom McGuire ’77 (Auburn, CA) joined Bob Letsch ‘61 at the Alumni House recently. Judy McGuire announced that the McGuire family has renamed the John McGuire Memorial Golf Outing, the John McGuire/Bob Letsch Annual Golf Scramble beginning in 2017.

Visiting the Alumni House for lunch was Celeste Henken ’70, former St. Catherine’s Development Director now with the Gateway Technical College Foundation and Andy Meuller, former St Catherine’s principal 2007-2012. They are flanked in the picture by Bob Letsch ’61 & Jeff Pulda ‘71

1954 classmates and old friends reunited at the Alumni House when Jim Monty visited from Kansas City. L-R Jim Monty, Frank Bado, Tom Reisenauer, Dave Zlevor, John Miller

SCHS Alumni volunteers assisted with the dismantling of the Moving Wall honoring Viet Nam Vets at Pritchard Park over Memorial Day weekend.

LF-RT: Bob Letsch '61, Friend, Joe Woitach '59, Dave O'Brien '58, Jim Cramer '59, Jerry Jardina '61, Chuck Wood '60, Jim Jarapko '60, Friend, Jim Michel '64, Dave Benjamin '61.

Monday's Alumni House luncheon group was hosted at Roger DeMark's home. Over 50 alumni and friends enjoyed the day. Jon McGlocklin, former NBA Champion and All Star was on hand.

LF-RT: Max, John Wiesner '77, Bob Letsch '61, Rick Jackson '63, Gary Schonert '59, Olga (DeLaO) Jackson '63, Chuck Wood '60, Sue Gorman '77 (C), Jon McGlocklin '65 Indiana U & Milwaukee Bucks, Roger DeMark '61, Dick Glizner '54 (P)


FOA Golf Outing at Meadowbrook CC. 32 alumni and friends participated.

LF-RT: Frank D'Acquisto '77, Chris Gorman '77, Jeff Pulda '71, Dr. Bob Jaklich '75 visiting from Victoria TX. RT corner: Don Reisenauer '69

Classmates visit the Alumni House: Mary Jo (Anderson) Montgomery '60 visiting from Ogden UT, holding Dominican Sister Doll '50, Dick & Arlene Brouillette '60 visiting from Harvard IL.

Jerry Verwey '58 visits Alumni from Chippewa Falls WI


LF-RT Dan Bentz '58, Sister Richards' doll, Jerry Verwey '58. Dan and Jerry were 3-sport athletes and the first 9-letter winners in SCHS history to accomplish that honor. Freshmen at that time were not allowed to compete on varsity.  After practice each day throughout the school year, they cleaned the varsity locker room to help offset tuition cost. They were paid 65¢/hour and Sr. Richards was their supervisor. 

SCHS alumni honored at Chicago Cubs game:  Andrew T. Jansta '94, Chief Petty Officer Navy, son of Steve & Barbara Jansta '64 with family at the Cubbie game.

Rich Konieczko '64 visits the Alumni from Las Vegas, NV


LT-RT Rich is pictured with friends Tom Goebel '61, Rich Konieczko '64, Olga (DeLaO) Jackson '63 and Rick Jackson '63

All stopped by for a Monday luncheon at the Alumni House (Rick told Olga he was taking her out to lunch).

SCHS Alumni Weekends

The 50th reunion of the class of 1960, pictured here, was the result of several group planning meetings at the Alumni House. 

SCHS classes of '58, '59, '60, '61, '62 '63 and '64 have also visited the Alumni House.


2017 John McGuire/Bob Letsch Golf Scramble:

Friday, September 29 at Ives Grove

McGuire Memorial Golf Scramble

The group pictured at left enjoyed a great day at the John McGuire Memorial Golf Scramble at Ives Grove. The golf planning committee has met in the Alumni House annually for the past 8 years and has generated over $160,000 in scholarships for incoming SCHS freshmen.


Angel Booster Club Golf Classic

The Annual Angel Booster Golf Classic has raised over $600,000 for the athletic department over the past 35 years. Pictured at right are the 2014 Golf Classic champions: Paul Jacobsen, Danny DaPra, Gregory Pitts and David Becker. 

2017 Angel Booster Club Golf Classic:

Monday, July 17 at Kenosha CC

Angels Supporting Angels

Angel parents worked under the guidance of Charlie's Angels "float technicians" Jim Cramer and Earl Wirtz to celebrate the Angels' WIAA State Basketball title. Here, you see Chris Gorman '77 and Amy DeMatthew work on the float that carried those state champs. Also that summer, the SCHS alumni/student team that participated in the Rotarians' Dragon Boat Races enjoyed support from FRIENDS OF ANGELS.

Gary & Sharon Schonert Picnic 2020

L-R  Erin McCarville (Alumni Support), Brenda White (President, Siena Catholic Schools), Sharon Schonert, Gary Schonert, Angie Peterson (Assoc. Development Director), Angie's daughter. Seated: Kaela Coleman (Alumni Coordinator)

L-R  Suzann Toll, Terry Toll, Terry Kovara, Delores Kovara,

Linda Jardina, Jerry Jardina


L-R Archie Landreman, Frank D’Acquisto, Dr. Bob Jaklich,

Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin, Dave Benjamin, Jeff Pulda

Celebrating Special Birthdays

 Tom McGuire ’77, Judy (Trentadue) McGuire ’45 P,

Jackie (Schoene) Drummond ’45, Bill Drummond ‘72

Celebrating Judy’s and Jackie's 92nd Birthday



 Gary Schonert 81st, O&H Cake Decorator Lisa Sorenson,

fellow birthday boy Tom Krug 80th


Father Ronald (Ron) Crewe ’54

Celebrating his 85th Birthday



 Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz '60 Clelebrated her 39th Birthday and brought Cupcakes for the Monday luncheon group Sept 12th -

seated next to her is hubby Earl Wirtz '58


Special Monday Luncheon Sponsored by

Bill '67, Dick '69 & Jimmy Ruetz '75

Craig Christen, Kathy (Ruetz) Christen, Margie (Ruetz) Carrington, Jimmy Ruetz, 
Bill Ruetz, Karen Ruetz, Chris Guendel (Ginni Ruetz son), Joe Ruetz, Dick Ruetz


Monday April 17th the New Adminstration of the Friends of Angels unveiled the new Alumni House sign - 

Jim May, Carol (Rabe) May, Brat Lundy, Susan Lundy

Brat Lundy is the UW-Milwaukee Head Basketball Coach.

His wife Susan is Carol May's niece

Class of '73 Sponsored Lunch at the Alumni House in Celebration of their 50th Class Reunion

L-R- Back Row: Mark Albertini, Bill Suys, Gary Meier, Mike McDaniel, Rob Gordon, Jim Jensen, Doug Andrewski, Jeff DeMatthew, Don Hansen, Victor Moreno,

2nd Row: Heidi (Ruilmann) Kappa, Darlene (Mennen) Karzcewski, Patti (Kuzia) Meier, John Becker,

Kneeling: Dan Horton, Mike Kroes - Not Pictured Jamie Kaufman

Celebrating their birthdays together Brother & Sister​

Joe Igrasci his 77th & Pat (Igrasci) Nielsen her 75th

Coach Bob "The Legend" Letsch Celebrated his 80th Birthday

L-R Jim Rasmussen delivered the O&H Cake, 

Coach Letsch enjoyed his cake with a photo of him holding the 2005 1st WIAA State Championship Trophy (Gary Schonert ordered the cake). Bobby Letsch Jr in back. Dick Graceffa paid for the cake.

Brenda White's Retirement Celebration

Brenda White retired as the first President of Siena Catholic Schools of Racine effective June 30, 2023

MC Dan Bentz, Honoree Brenda White

Brenda was presented with a few Retirement Gifts

Frank D'Acquisto presented a dozen roses, Dr. Robert Jaklich presented a $300 Gift Card,

Bobby Letsch Jr. presented a card signed by the Monday Gang and a bottle of champagne.

Dan Bentz led a toast to Brenda and the gang gave her a standing ovation.

The Monday Gang chipped in to cover costs of the gifts.

Bob Miller sponsored Culver's Hamburgers & Fries for lunch.

Class of '58 has lunch at the Alumni House as one gathering during their 65th Reunion

                                   L-R Seated: Sue & Jerry Verwey, Dan & Judy Bentz, Joan Becker,

Standing: Richard Wanserski, Dave O'Brien, Jim Nondorf, Loretta Savoli, Rose Ann Tempesta, Helen Evens, Arlene Fornary, Chuck Hoeft, Mary Burnhart

Class of '77 did a luncheon at the Alumni House 

                                             Pat Rogan, Greg DaPra, Pete Schiro, Frank D'Acquisto, Chuckie Schovain, Chris Gorma

     Chris (Cremer) Rogan, Monica (LaFleur) DaPra, Beth (Longeran) Schiro, Lori (Gross) Azarian, Carol (Macdonald) Gregory, Sue (Peel) Gorman

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