L-R Peter Schiro ’77, Lisa Schumacker,

Rachel Bartlel, William “Bill” Mueller ‘72

L-R Pete Schiro ’77, Frank D’Acquisto, Sue Gorman ‘77, Chris Gorman ’77, Pete Henkes ’73, Pat Diem ‘77

Max - owner of Matranga’s Grocery Store

and friend of the Angels

Cheryl Haarsma, mother of James Haarsma '08

L-R Jim Mascari ’60 H & Gary Schonert ’59 H

L-R Dave Zlevor ’54, Cindy Trentadue ’77 H,

Mel Hurtubise ’53   

L-R  John Burgess, Sue Gorman

L-R Bob Letsch ’61 & Jeff Tarkowski ’77 Pius XI

L-R John Miller ’54, John Marsch ’54 P,

Father Ron Crewe ‘54

L-R Angela ”Angie” Peterson ’99, Dan Peterson ’65, Maureen Schuerman ‘87

L-R Mike Iggulden ’58, Jim Poulsen ‘60

L-R Judy (Trentadue) McGuire ’45 P,

Jackie (Schoene) Drummond ’45 

L-R Paul Matsen ’69, Terry Toll ’65 BR

Jim Luelloff ’67 H, former Charlie’s Angel Helper

L-R Gary Schonert ’59, Dr. Myron Mikaelian ’75,

Lee Schonert ‘53

L-R Dave Zlevor ’54, Greg Zlevor ‘78

L- R Ryan Busey ’16, Terry Kovara ‘64

L-R Bob Letsch '61, Marcus West '93, Jeff Pulda '71

L-R George Gordon ’56 C, Jim Poulsen ’60,

Jackie (Schoene) Drummond ’45,

Mike Iggulden ’58, Bob Letsch ‘61

Debbie (Ricchio) Weisner ‘68

Evan Schuster ’21 - 2019 WIAA Div III State Champ in 200 & 400 meter events, 3rd in the Long Jump, with Mike Arendt, SCHS AD

L-R Ken Kusters '54, Dick Heidenreich '49

L-R Pete Schiro '77, Tom McGuire '77,

Frank D'Acquisto '77

L-R Jim Monty ’54, Mel Hurtubise ‘53

L-R Sharon Schonert ’58 H, Gary Schonert ‘59

L-R Classmates/Teammates Mike Iggulden ’58, John Talos ’58, Dave O’Brien ’58, Dan Bentz ‘58

Judy Talos ’57 H, John Talos ’58 Fountain Hills AZ

Friends of Angels Golf Outing 2019

Meadowbrook Country Club

L-R Bob Stepien ’69, Jerry Jameson ’69, Dick Ruetz ’69, Terry Toll ’65 BR

L-R Al Hagopian ’65 H, Phil Dobbs,

Jay Hammes ’68 H, Walt Strini ‘60

L-R Pat Diem ’77, Paul Mares ’76,

Bob Jacklich ’78, Jeff Pulda ‘71

L-R Roger DeMark, Dave Benjamin, Rocke Calvelli,

Tom Goebel  Class of ‘61

L-R Mary Ann (Wood) Pawzun ’48, Dick Petersen ’53, Jerry (Matsen) Howard ’56 P   Mary Ann is Chuck Wood's sister and was visiting from San Antonio, TX

L- R Dan Bentz ’58, Mary Ann (Wood) Pawzun ’48

Mary Ann went to school with Dan’s sister Delores

       Chris Sosnay ’94 Marquette HS

MUHS Executive Development Director

Siena Catholic Schools, Racine

Pictured at their St. Mary’s University Reunion

San Antonio, TX

They all excelled in basketball for the Rattlers:

L-R Dave Bulik ’71, Mark Pawzun ’75,

Bob Jaklich ‘76

L-R Tom McGuire ’77, Judy (Trentadue) McGuire ’45 P,

Jackie (Schoene) Drummond ’45, Bill Drummond ‘72

Celebrating Judy’s and Jackie's 92nd Birthday


Judy McGuire & Jackie Drummond go Hollywood in their new Siena sunglasses

L- R Gary Schonert ’59 H, Jim “Jumbo” Winters ’64 P

Jim is retired living in Naples FL

Ralph Mazzie ’70 visiting from Philadelphia

The ST. ROSE CREW gathers at the Alumni House

L-R Seated: Tom McGuire, Judy McGuire Jackie Drummond

L-R Standing: Dave Olle, Bill Drummond, Jim Poulsen, George Gordon,

Jerry Howard, Jeff Pulda, Dan Peterson

L-R Dean Thoes ’60 P, Brent Kapellusch ’60 (visiting from Indiana)

L-R '77 Classmates:  Chris Gorman, Tommy McGuire in from California,

Harvey Knuckles in from France and Racine County Sports HOF Inductee,

Frank D'Acquisto

 L-R Joe Bado ’49, Rob Zirbel ’63 MUHS, Marian (D’Aquisto) Bado ‘52


L-R Doris (Fiori) Johnson ‘60, Janet (Grant) Janaky ‘60,

Cathie (Gianoforte) Petersen ’60, Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin ‘60

Note in background Msgr Witkowiak is still watching over these ladies……

L-R Mark Pawzun ’75 and wife Renee, visiting from San Antonio TX,

Brenda White, President Siena Catholic Schools, Chuck Wood ‘60

L-R Mark Pawzun ’75 and wife Renee, visiting from San Antonio TX,

Brenda White, President Siena Catholic Schools, Chuck Wood ‘60

1956 Classmates/Teammates:

Jim Welsh, Warren Greco (StevensPoint), George Oteman

L-R  Mark Albertini ’73, John Becker ‘73

L- R  Kaela Coleman, Alumni Relations & Events Coordinator,

Angie Peterson ’99, Associate Development Director

L-R Greg Kanowski ’89, Jeff Pulda ’71, Edwin Lim (Kenosha)

L-R Terry Toll '65 BR, Rick Ropiak ‘87

Priscilla "Cilla" Reisenauer

L-R  Terry Toll ’65 BR, Tom Konieczko ‘65

L-R Rollie Krahn '48 B, Chris Gorman ‘77

L-R Mike Christensen ’83 C, Ted Christensen ’60 P

L-R John Kopulos ’61 P, Cindy Trentadue ’77 H,  Janice Kiesler (Joe’s wife),

Joe Kiesler ‘58

L-R Jim ‘Biff” Mascari ’60 P, Ted “Rat” Christensen ’60 P,

Gary “Muff’ Schonert '59 H, Bob ‘Worm” Stanton ’54 P

L-R Dr. Ron Kraus DDS, Rick Andersen '71

Dick Angel ’70 with photo of 1931 SCHS football team.

Bill Angel ’32 and Harold Angel ’33 were members of the team.

L-R Tyrese Hunter ’21, Emily Poise ‘21, Sophie Wentorf  ‘20 (granddaughter of

Joe & Mary Woitach), Annemarie Letsch ‘21 (granddaughter of Bob Letsch),

Avery Morris ’20

L-R Mike Mueller ’67, Archie Landreman ’68, Mike Ptaschinski ’68,

Bill Mueller ‘72

Seated: Bob Miller ’69, Mike Mueller ’67

Standing: Archie Landerman ’68, Mike Ptaschinski ‘68

L-R Bob Stepien ‘;69, Mike Ptaschinski ‘68


SCHS Staff providing breakfast & lunch for students:

L-R Study Hall Supervisor Delores Williams (Peanut Butter Sandwich),

Assistant Principal Tim Riedl (Tomato Ketchup Bottle),  

Karen Dominguez, Taher Food Services Director (Hot Dog), 

Assistant Athletic Director Mike Rittgers ‘11

Activities Director Lori Prideaux (Jelly Sandwich)

L-R  Mike McGuire ’76, Marie Welsh, Tom McGuire ‘77

L-R  Joe D’acquisto ’71, Brother-in-law Joe Woitach ‘59

L-R SCHS Guidance Counselors Marisa Andersen, Jeff Tarkowski ’77 Pius X!

Don Klemt - Friends of Angels Inc,  Board Member

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