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Monday Nov 21, 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Wishing You and Your Family a Warm & Wonderful THANKSGIVING WEEKEND !!!

BIG THANKS to Rick Ropiak '87 for the DELICIOUS homemade Chili today.

Dick Peterson added homemade Peanut Butter Fudge. George Gordon brought a box of Cheetos for snacks.

• Dick Peterson's Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe:

1 16oz Jar Creamy Peanut Butter

1 16oz Vanilla Icing

Micowave - Peanut Butter for 1 Minute (pour into mixing bowl)

Micowave Vanilla Frosting for 1 minute (add to Peanut Butter in mixing bowl)

Mix both ingredients together - pour into 9x9 lined cake pan - place in the frig for one hour.


How good was the Chili ??? Rick Ropiak came up empty - Sorry ALL GONE !!!

On Hand: Alia Onaczynski, Gary Schonert, Fr. Ron Crewe, Terry Toll, George Oteman, George Gordon, Dick Peterson, Dave O'Brien, Joe Woitach, Cinti Sanchez, Ryan Andersen, Kory Borek, Don Klemt, Bob Letsch, Tim Letsch, Bobby Letsch, Rick Ropiak, Rick Jones,

Ed DeMeulenaere, Dr Rick Andersen, Rick Rabalais Jeff Pulda, Dan DeMatthew,

Mike Hyduke, Dan Kovara, Terry Kovara, Frank D'Acquisto, Chris Gorman, Chris Sosnay,

Jack Kelley, Dr Parisa Meymand, Rachel Lantz, Hunter Eichhorn, Sarah Busey, John Busey

* Class of "60 Donation

Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin '60 stopped by with a donation for the "KItty" from the Class of '60

Hunter Eichhorn, Sarah Busey '17, John Busey

Hunter Eichhorn is arguably Marquette U's best golfer ever, just turned Pro. Hunter is from the Upper Peninsula. Sarah is asst. Golf Coach at Chattanooga/ Tenn. She golfed for Santa Clara during her undergrad work and golfed for Old Dominion during her Master's degree work. Hunter and Sarah have recently received their Master's Degrees.

'71 Classmates: Jeff Pulda, Dr Richard Andersen, Rick Rabalais

Today Dick Peterson '52 celebrated his 69th Birthday. That's what he said ????

Dave Benjamin '61 got his deer.

Cold, you ask ??? Check Dave's rosie cheeks & blue nose !!!

* Packer Pool winner this week was Ryan Andersen. Another repeat winner.

• Cribbage: Table #1 Teams - Bob Letsch/ Mike Hyduke, beat Terry Toll/Dan DeMatthew & George Gordon/ Rick Ropiak.

Table #2: Don "Donnie Dozens" Klemt and his partner Frank D'Acquisto destroyed Bobby Letsch & Tim Letsch 5-3. Bobby & Tim went 1-0 in a 3 team match.

* Angels Making the News.............

Jim DeMatthew '79

Jim Michel '64, Tom Friedel '68, Jon Rybar '61

Racine News............

• Reminder: if you plan to attend SCHS Winter Sporting event................

Digital Ticketing St. Catherine's has moved to digital ticketing for all volleyball (JV2, JV and varsity), varsity football, basketball (JV2, JV and varsity) and any WIAA tournament games. No cash will be accepted at the gate. See flyer below for more details. Please note that on days of varsity football games and boys basketball (JV2, JV and varsity) ticket sales will end at 2:00pm the day of the event. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed entrance into the game.

* Prayers for the families of departed Angels......

Dick Hackl '57 recently passed away - details forthcoming

* Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Rick Jones '73 H shoulder surgery wearing a sling in rehab therapy.

  • Joe Macareno '76 rehabbing from recent emergency Gall Bladder surgery.

  • Jack Kelley '58 H completed Chemo treatments on his throat.

  • Mark Mano dealing with strained shoulder - hopefully not a torn rotator.

  • Ryan Andersen dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis in his hands.

  • Dave Bulik '71 dealing A-Fib condition.

  • Mark Pawzun '75 dealing with teeth alignment problems - fitted for braces.

  • Tom Goebel '61 dealing with Shingles.

  • Roger DeMark dealing with Vertigo, it has limited his travel.

  • Joe Ingrasci '64 fell and fractured his hip. He had 3 screws put in his hip, been moved to Ridgewood for his PT.

  • Janet Grant '60 is dealing with Chemo for Blood Cancer.

  • Ed DeMeulenaere still using walker - rehabbing knee injury from a fall.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Dan Bentz took a tumble working in the yard - all Good.

  • Ray Organ '56 fell at home, spent time in hospital, back home - OK

* Others Needing Prayers:

Ron Bentz, Bob Garrity, Gary Schonert, Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz, Jim Poulsen,

Dick Peterson, Mickey Postorino, Dave O"Brien, Helen Miller, Tom Konieczko,

Mike O'Brien, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife,

Dick Heidenreich's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger

Important Dates:

Thanksgiving - Thursday Nov 24th

Christmas - Sunday Dec 25th

Week In Angel Athletics

Nov 14th - Nov 19th

Girls Basketball

Thursday evening the girls basketball team began their season as they hosted Messmer in a non-conference basketball game in a highly energetic gymnasium. The Angels started the game slowly, but as their nerves calmed they broke things open and cruised to a 70-20 victory. Freshmen Kaleah Conley and Aniyah Price began their high school careers by leading the scoring with 19 points and 16 points. Kennedee Clark added 14 points and Arianna Green had 12 points. Kennedee Clark led the team in rebounds with 13 while Arianna Green had 7. On the defensive side of the ball Londyn Pardo led the team with 6 steals while Arianna Green, Kaleah Conley and Aniyah Price each had 5.

Upcoming Angel Athletic Events Monday November 21st

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Tuesday November 22nd

  • Girls Basketball @ Milwaukee Lutheran @ 7:00pm

Wednesday November 23rd

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Thursday November 24th

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Friday November 25th

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Saturday November 26th

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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