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Monday Nov 20, 2023

Updated: Feb 2

REMINDER: Monday Dec 4th 12noon SCHS Auditorium

Premiere Showing of Alumni House Stayin' Alive Video

 BIG THANKS to Ryan Andersen, Bob Broihier, Bill Ruetz who sponsored lunch ttoday. The main course was Delicious - Sloppy Joes Sandiwches with Baked Beans, Dill Pickles, Onions & Chips.

John Miller brought a O&H Danish layer cake for dessert.

Charley Presta brought a O&H Kringle for a snack.

Ryan Andersen & wife Sue (Woodward) Andersen

John Miller '54 with his Birthday cake. His wife Hellen (Willmes) Miller '56 will celebrate her 85th birthday this Wednesday & John celebrates his 88th birthday this Friday. BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Millers...............


Joining Us: Ryan Andersen, Sue (Woodward) Andersen, Terry Toll, Joe Ingrasci, Dan Bentz, George Oteman, John Ketarkus, Jack Kelley, Rick Ropiak, Alia Onacyznski, Chelsea Ostrov, Jeff Tarkowski, Don Klemt, Bobby Letsch Jr, Chris Gorman, Ed DeMeulenaere,

Gary Schonert, Joe Macareno, Bob Letsch, Dan DeMatthew, John Miller, Amy DeMatthew, George Gordon, Dan Kovara, Terry Kovara, Marty Defatte, Kory Borek, Cinti Sanchez,

Joey Willington, Ed Bernhart, Dr Michael Smullen, Tim Letsch, Dave O'Brien, Mike Hyduke,

Mark Mano, Charley Presta, Tom Krug

  • Deer Hunters Beware (Dave Benjamin) The Deer have become more SAVY !!!

Dave Benjamin '61 son John' 85 got his deer.



Dr Mike Smullen '59 was visiting from Green Bay

Moving On..............

  • Alia Onacyznski '10 last day was today as she has taken a new job at a Kenosha Bank. The gang signed a card and gave her an O&H Danish Layer Cake. The cake was in memory of all the old sweet guys she came to know at the Alumni House.


  • Friends...............

Ed Bernhardt '60 stopped by to drop off information about his daughter

Debra Bernhardt '83 Senior Master Sergeant recent retired from the US Air Force Reserve

                   Rick Ropiak '87 and son Tristin '23. Tristin is attending UW Whitwater

and running track for the Warhawks. He is a hurdler  


• Table 1: Terry Toll/ Rick Ropiak defeated/ crushed Chris Gorma/Cwood - Kunking them 1st two game and defeating them a 3rd game. 3-0

Chris Gorman/ CWood split with Rick Ropiak/ Tim Letsch 1-1

• Table 2:  Don Klemt/ Dave O'Brien defeated Joe Macareno/Mike Hyduke and Chalrey Presta/George Gordon 3-0

George Gordon/ Charley Presta spli with Joe Macareno/Mike Hyduke 1-1

Table 3: Dan DeMatthew/ Mark Mano defeated Bobby Letsch Jr/Bob Letsch 3-1

Bobby Letsch Jr/ Bob Letsch defeated Chris Gorman/ Dan DeMatthew 2-1


* Student Trip..........

We have a group of kids traveling this summer to Ecuador and are raising funds to help offset the costs for students and their families. We are trying to do several small fundraisers, but this is our very first one. This week only, we are selling Spirit Wear Apparel. I have included the link below. If anyone is interested in purchasing an item, please let me know.

Have a blessed evening! Take care,Kris RivasEcuador Spirit Wear

* Dick Graceffa '69 will be covering local High School Basketball on Radio, check it out at

                                       Future Building Addition - South End of SCHS

            New Addition New Main Entrance New Chapel


• Angels Connecting..................

* Class of '74

RACINE — St. Catherine's High School Class of 1974 will hold its 50th class reunion Saturday, July 20, 2024, at Racine Country Club, 2801 Northwestern Ave.

For more information, visit the St. Catherine's High School Class of '74 Facebook page, or the "Alumni" tab on the St. Catherine's High School website.

Contact Barb Porcaro (Suprak) - or

Jim Rammelt


• Class of '60 meets the last Wednesday of each month at Dynasty restaurant

- contact Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin for details - 

• Class of '59 meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Castlewood restaurant

- contact Mary (D'acquisto) for details - 

• Class of '58 meets 1st Tuesday of the month at Dynasty restaurant

- contact Karen (Petersen) Verbeten for details -

• Purchase your Angels Items online. Click on......


• Racine News..........

* Happy Birthday to following.............

Hellen (Willmes) Miller - Nov 22nd - 88th

John Miller - Nov 24th - 88th

Nick Comande - Nov 27th - 65th

• Prayers for the families of departed Angels and Friends......

• Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:       


  • Tom Clazmer's uses a walker and dealing with heath issues.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Joe Ingrasci heart issue, no surgery recommended at this time - keep monitoring.

  • Former SCHS Golf Coach Dave Arkenburg - led them to 2nd place at State Golf in 2018. Dave is in CaringBridge site. He traveled south to see his family this week and it appears that the plane ride took a toll on him and they are planning on hospice either here in Racine or there in SC. His brain tumor has started to render him speechless and exhausted. He's lived 224 days longer than anticipated originally.

  • Jim Poulsen has returned to St Monica's. Seems to be doing well, vast improvements.

  • Don Hansen dealing with COPD

  • Rob Gordon using braces on his lower legs

  • Victor Moreno difficulty walking - leg issues

  • Jeff DeMatthew had his 3rd Heart Ablation.

  • Walt Strini took 6 steps without use of cane or cruch.

  • Walt's wife Sandy has a Holter Monitor dealing with Heart issue.

  • Tom Goebel dealing with A-Fib.

  • Jeff Pulda dealing with Kidney Stones. His wife Hip Replacement surgery was successful, she back to driving.

  • Gary Schonert scheduled for a nother looksee at his knee - had 3 knee replacements.

  • Terry Toll failed his Stress Test - waiting to hear.

  • Brent Kapellusch pre diabetes.

  • Roger DeMark index finger still wraped - ask him - great story

  • Rick Jones more test - has an apparent Intestine Issue.

  • Dan Peterson is looking at Hip Replacement in near future.

  • Dick Heidenreich had a Stroke - lower left leg needs work - at Lutheran Rehab

  • Jack Kelley badly bruised back Rib/ Kidney on pain meds and muscle relaxers.

  • Bob Letsch happy with Lazer treatments - some positive results -10 more treatments.

Fr Ron Crewe - is able to receive visitors. It is recommended to contact his niece before going - her phone number is 262 352 6578. She will try to keep to 1 visitor per time frame. He is in a wheelchair and is now at St Camilus in Wauwatosa,

Address is: St Camilus, 10201 W. Wisconsin Ave. # 20, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

• Special Prayers needed for: 

Chris & Sue Gorman's grandson Eli, Don Heck, Jack Kelley, Tom Konieczko, Ken Kusters, Tom Pulda, Jeff Pulda, Dave O'Brien, George Gordon, Bob Letsch, Bob Garrity,

Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz, Jim Poulsen, Mickey Postorino, Helen (Willmes) Miller, Mike O'Brien, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Del Alton's wife, Marty Defatte's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Dan Peterson's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger,

Important Dates:

• Thanksgiving - Thursday November 23rd

• Premier "Stayin Alive" Video - Monday Dec 4th - SCHS Auditorium

Christmas Day - Monday Dec 25th - Alumni House Closed

* New Years Day - Monday Jan 1, 2024 - Alumni House Closed

* Black & White Ball - Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

* Schonert's Annual Picnic - Monday Aug 26, 2024

Angel Athletics -

Home Game Protocols and ProceduresRacine St. Catherine’s Home Game Protocols and Procedures

All tickets must be purchased ahead of time at

  1. Ticket sales will open 1 week prior to each event

  2. Ticket sales close at 2:00pm the day of the event for varsity football games as well as JV2/JV/Varsity boys basketball games. Any individual(s) not purchasing tickets by 2:00pm will not be allowed into the game

  3. Tickets can be printed at home to be scanned at the event or shown in the Ticket Spicket app on cellular devices to be scanned. NO SCREENSHOTS ACCEPTED

  4. Gates/entrance close 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the varsity event. Anyone not in the game at this time will not be allowed in

  5. Refunds will only be issued for ticket purchases if the event is canceled

  6. No re-entry to the event, once you leave you will not be allowed back in

  7. All middle/elementary school students must be with an adult

  8. Metro Classic Conference passes are still allowed at the gate for Metro Classic Conference games only, no digital ticket required. For Non-Conference Games, Metro Classic Conference passes are not accepted and a digital ticket is required

  9. 6 and under are free, no digital ticket required.

  10. St. Catherine’s students are free with school ID, no digital ticket required. If no ID, a purchased ticket will be required

  11. Siena employees are free with ID, no digital ticket required. If no ID, a purchased ticket will be required

  12. Video Tutorial that shows how to purchase tickets and use app

Girls Basketball (2-0 Overall, 0-0 Metro Classic Conference)

Tuesday night the Angels girls basketball team opened up their season as they hosted Milwaukee Lutheran at home. The Angels found themselves down at halftime and half way through the second half, however some great defense and even better offense would help propel the Angels to a victory as they defeated the Red Knights 49-43. Laila Collier-White led the team with 18 points and 4 rebounds. Kaleah Conley added 12 points and 7 rebounds and Aniyah Price had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals.

The Angel faced their first road game of the season on Thursday night as they headed to Catholic Central for a non-conference matchup. The team had a fantastic 1st half and closed out the game in the 2nd half as they were able to defeat the Hilltoppers 55-42. Laila Collier-White had a fantastic night as she scored 17 points, had 7 steals, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Aniyah Price added 14 points, 4 assists and 3 steals while Ariana Green had 10 points and 14 rebounds.

NO Games This Week...........

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive


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Renee Benjamin
Renee Benjamin
Nov 21, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone! Alia, Good Luck on your new position! Thanks for all you do Chuck🤗❣️

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