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Monday Feb 27, 2023

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Big Thanks to Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen and Joe Ingrasci for sponsoring lunch today.

The main course consisted of Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, & Egg Salad Croissants, along with a 3 Bean Salad, Pickles and Chips - DELICIOUS !!!

The question arose “Do real men eat Quiche”? & “Do real men eat Croissants”? To be in full character it was discovered that a number of the guys "Shaved their legs for the Luncheon Today" Their names are withheld to protect their pride !!!

Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen '66 H, Big Brother Joe Ingrasci '64

Joining Us: Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen, Joe Ingrasci, Fr Ron Crewe, Bob Broihier,

Rick Jones, Jack Kelley, Terry Toll, Dan DeMatthew, Amy DeMatthew, Gary Schonert,

Dick Peterson, Dan Bentz, Joe Woitach, Dick Heidenreich, Alia Onaczynski, Dave Benjamin,

Jeff Tarkowski, Kory Borek, Cinti Sanchez, John Busey, Dr Parisa Meymand, Dan Kavara

John Ketarkus, Cathy Poulsen, George Oteman, Dan Peterson, Del Alton, Sara Monks,

Jim Ruetz, Walt Collins, Bob Letsch, Bobby Letsch

Welcome New Siena Catholic Schools Employee

Sara Monks SCS Recruitment & Events Coordinator

* Special Guests:

Jimmy Ruetz '75

Consultant Walt Collins

Del Alton gave Gary Schonert a new Horlick HS Hat

We Told Gary "Fits Fine - Looks Good" - Not Adjustable

• Cribbage: Table #1 Jim Ruetz/Terry Toll won the 1st game by beating Bob Letsch & Bobby Letsch Jr and "SKUNKING" Dan DeMatthew and Dick Heidenreich, 2nd game went to DeMathew/Heidenreich, 3rd game went to Bob/ Bobby Jr. The 4th and deciding game went to DeMatthew/ Heidenreich with a "SKUNK" of Ruetz/Toll team - "Poetic Justice.

We went to 4 handed. the Letsch Boys teaming against DeMatthew/Wood, 1st game went to DeMatthew/Wood - 2nd game DeMatthew/Wood "SKUNKED" the Letsch Boys !!!

• Angels Connecting/ in the News.............

Tom DeMark '65 - Throwing out 1st Pitch at NY Met's game April 26th

• Racine News............

• Catch Boys HS Basketball with Dick Graceffa '69 "Play by Play"

* DG Sports will be covering the upcoming Division 1 Regional Semi-Final Boys Basketball game on Saturday, March 4th from "The Nest" when the #7 seed Racine Case Eagles host the #10 seed Janesville Parker Cougars.The game audio will be streamed live on Mixlr starting at 6:40pm. Listeners can hear the stream online at: or listen on the Mixlr app (click on Listen and enter DGSports in the search box), available free for iOS or Android. The game will also be archived at and on the app. * Should the St. Catherine's Angels win their Regional Semi-Final game on Friday 3/3, DG Sports will cover their Regional Final game on Saturday 3/4 which would be played at home at 7pm.

IMPORTANT FYI: This upcoming Friday the Angel Boys Basketball team will start their postseason play as they will host either Racine Lutheran or East Troy at St. Cats at 7:00pm.

* Just a reminder for WIAA tournament games, everyone in attendance must purchase a ticket. WIAA does not allow free passes into the game. Below is the link to purchase tickets. You will be able to purchase tickets at the gate via your phone, however purchasing ahead of time will allow you to get into the game quicker. There will not be any ticket sales at the gate so purchasing your ticket ahead of time guarantees you will get into the game. * If the Angels win on Friday night, they will play at St. Cats on Saturday night at 7:00pm. Tickets would be available at the link below after the game on Friday night.

• Full Schedule.........Mark Your Calendar

• Prayers for the families of departed Angels......

• Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Dave Bulik '71 dealing A-Fib condition.

  • Mark Pawzun '75 dealing with teeth alignment problems - fitted for braces.

  • Janet Grant '60 is dealing with Chemo for Blood Cancer.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Jim May has an ankle issue and is using a cane. The May family is gathering in Ft Myers to see Ben May '00 Umpire in the Grapefruit League.

  • Dick Peterson now dealing with Hernia - surgery not an option - back to VA.

  • Rick Cramer '60 had a stroke and dealing with health issues.

  • Al Mollerskov rehabbing from Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • Don Heck '63 diagnosed with NOH (neurogenic orthostatic hypotension). After 3 or 4 minutes of standing, he gets very weak and light header. This disease is not curable but you can learn to adjust your life and work around the issues.

  • Don Heck in addition to his above health issues - visiting family in Florida - now has Covid and is in the hospital with pneumonia.

  • Tommy Pulda '72 on rehabbing Heart Surgery.

  • Mary Woitach '59 dealing with chronic knee issues & fell recently at home. - Rumor -Not true about Joe pushing her aside to get to the refrigerator.

  • Marie Welsh fell on the ice recently and is using a cane - nothing broken.

  • Dave O'Brien '58 recovering from eye surgery.

  • Joe Ingrasci '64 dealing with trimmers results of his service in Vietnam.

  • Fr Ron Crewe '54 is in the hospital saftre a fall leat week was sent to the hospital as a precautionary measure. He was released the next day.

  • Larry Benjamin '61 rehabbing from Knee Replacement Surgery in Scottsdale AZ.

  • Cathy Poulsen recently slipped on the ice - nothing broken, says everything is OK.

• Special Prayers for Chris & Sue Gorman's grandson Eli rehabbing from Brain Surgery.

Eli is the son of their daughter Caitlin '03.

• Others Needing Prayers:

Ron Bentz, Bob Letsch, Jack Kelley, Bob Garrity, Gary Schonert, Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz,

Jim Poulsen, Dick Peterson, Mickey Postorino, Dave O"Brien, Helen (Willems) Miller,

Mike O'Brien, Mickey Postorino, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife,

Del Alton's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Dan Peterson's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger

Important Dates:

* St Patrick's Day - Friday Mar 17th

• Easter - Sunday April 9th

• Brenda White's Last Day - Friday June 30th - Happy Retirement !!!

Eleven-Player All-Star Game - Saturday July 15th, 12:00 Noon

Coach Dan Miller was chosen to be the head coach for the WFCA All-Star Game.

Schonert's Annual Picnic - Monday August 14th

Angel Athletics

Feb 27th - Mar 4th

Girls Basketball Tuesday night the Lady Angels girls basketball team hosted Big Foot in a WIAA regionals girls basketball team. This was the first home playoff game for the Angels in a while and the team did not disappoint its fans as they played extremely well and walked away with the 59-39 victory. Senior Kennedee Clark, playing her first home playoff game, had a fantastic night as she had 18 points and 14 rebounds. Laila Collier-White added 17 points and Aniyah Price had 10. The Lady Angels continued postseason play on Friday night as they traveled to St. Thomas More to participate in a regional semifinal game. St. Thomas More jumped out to a big lead early but the Angels battled back and cut the lead to only 11 points at halftime. Unfortunately for the Angels St. Thomas More came out hot again in the 2nd half and even though the Angels battled all night, St. Thomas More would walk away with the 69-52 victory. Kennedee Clark led the team with 14 points and 7 rebounds. Kaleah Conley added 13 points and 6 rebounds and Ariana Green had 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Boys Basketball Thursday night the Angels boys basketball team finished out their regular season as they traveled to Kenosha St. Joseph. The Angels started the game off well and took a nice lead to halftime. The 2nd half was a battle but the Angels were able to hold on and emerge victorious 63-52. With that victory the Angels capped off a perfect 16-0 Metro Classic Conference season. Domonic Pitts led the team with 25 points, Lamont Hamilton added 20 and Davion Thomas-Kumpula had 11. Next up for the team will be a regional semifinal game on Friday March 3rd against the winner of the East Troy vs. Racine Lutheran game.

Digital Ticketing St. Catherine's has gone to digital ticketing for varsity football, girls volleyball (JV2, JV and varsity), boys volleyball (JV and varsity), girls basketball (JV and varsity), boys basketball (JV2, JV and varsity), wrestling (JV and Varsity) and all WIAA tournament events. See flyer below for more details. Please note that on days of varsity football games and boys basketball (JV2, JV and varsity) ticket sales will end at 2:00pm the day of the event. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed entrance into the game.

Upcoming Angel Athletic Events Monday February 27th

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Tuesday February 28th

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Wednesday March 1st

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Thursday March 2nd

  • No games/matches/meets scheduled

Friday March 3rd

  • Boys Basketball Regionals vs. TBD @ 7:00pm

Saturday March 4th

  • Boys basketball regionals vs. TBD @ 7:00pm (If win Friday)

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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