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Monday Aug 8, 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Hi Gang

BIG THANKS to Rick and Karen (Pius) Meyer '60 visiting from Hot Springs Villages in Arkansas. They teamed with Dave and Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin '61/'60 to sponsor lunch today. Fried Chicken, Pasta and Bread were the main course. The Meyers brought home made Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Benjamins added Peanut Brittle for snacks.

Marilyn (Davis) Gross brought a case of A & W Root Beer.

On Hand: Rick Meyer, Karen (Pius) Meyer, Dave Benjamin, Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin,

Jack Kelley, Dan Kovara, Terry Toll, George Oteman, George Gordon, Dick Peterson, Samantha Repischak, Bob Letsch, Gary Schonert, Tom & Judy Krug, Fr. Ron Crewe,

Jerry Jardina, Bobby Letsch, Mike Hyduke, Rick Jones, Dave O'Brien, Erin McCarville,

Joe Woitach, Dan DeMatthew, Tom Konieczko, Rick Popiak, Rich Konieczko, Chris Gorman, , Kory Borek, Cintia Sanchez, Chris Sosnay, Craig Savage, Kimberly Gardner, Tom Goebel,

Dr Parisa Meymand, Jeff Pulda, Ian Konrath, Dick Graceffa, Lloyd & Jane Tremmel,

Marilyn (Davis) Gross, Mary (Quirk) Allman, Lenny Marsh, Dick Sawasky, Tom Scheller

Newcomers: Rick & Karen Meyer, Mary (Quirk) Allman down from Green Bay, Lloyd & Jane Tremmel, Tom & Judy Krug and Marilyn (Davis) Gross stopped by to visit with ole '60 classmates.

Standing: Lloyd Tremmel, Rick Meyer, Marilyn Gross, Judy Krug, Tom Krug, Jane Tremmel

Seated: Renee Benjamin, Karen Meyer, Mary Quirk

* Kimberly Gardner brought a cake and the gang signed a card for Erin McCarville whose last day is Wed. Aug 10th. Erin is moving on to Carthage College. We wish her the best.

Do Ask Gary ???

* Gary Schonert has a very interesting story to share regarding him & Marilyn Gross.

* Tom Scheller brought in Lenny Marsch '71 and Dick Sawasky '71. Lenny was in town to visit family. Lenny now lives and works in Lancaster, PA.

Dick Sawasky, Tom Scheller, Lenny Marsch

Cribbage: Table #1Tom Scheller/ Terry Toll teamed to defeat Rick Ropiak/ Bobby Letsch & Dan DeMatthew/ Bob Letsch. Rick Ropiak carried Bobby Letsch to a 4-2 record over Dan DeMatthew and Bob Letsch

Table #2 George Gordon/ Mike Hyduke split with Dave Benjamin/ CWood 3-3. George Gordon was hot, getting a 21 hand in one game and the following getting 21 in his crib.

George/ Mike also managed to "Skunk" Dave/CW.

* Winners of Italian Fest Raffle...................

* Congratulations to Brian Eitel, son of Pete Eitel '85, grandson of Ron Eitel '51

* Tom Scheller's '69 grandsons Ben (Class of ‘26) and Nick (Class of ‘24) at Air Force Academy. Ben on the left and Nick on the right.

Believe It or Not !!! What's Next ???

Vote for Racine's Best 2022.........

O & H Bakery

DeRango's The Pizza King West Racine

Danny's Meats & Catering

D'Aquisto Motors

Lee's Deli

Wells Brothers

Prayers for the family of departed Angels............

Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Chris Gorman '77 is scheduled for his 5th ankle surgery Thursday August 18th.

  • Ron Bentz '56 dealing with serious health issues.

  • Bob Grady rehabbing from recent open heart surgery.

  • Jerry Jardina cataract surgery postponed due to dry eyes.

  • Mary Woitach '59 has back and knees issues.

  • Jeff Tarkowski '73 is wearing a heart monitor and injured his back.

  • Brenda White recovering from reconstructive surgery.

  • Rick Jones '73 P shoulder is getting better, but has back issues.

  • Jim Poulsen '60 has the early stages of Parkinson and is beginning therapy.

  • Dick Ruetz '69 has received a clean bill of health from his doctors, looking to golf.

  • Dan DeMatthew '75 enjoying his new Baclofen Pump and new wheelchair.

  • Dr. Robert "Bob" Jaklich '76 recovering from his 3rd cardiac ablation surgery.

  • Jack Kelley '58 H ultrasound for the chest pain nothing conclusive discovered.

  • Pete Schiro '77 no sling & in shoulder rehab, playing cribbage.

  • Joe Macareno has a 4 inch plate in his neck, getting better, playing cribbage.

  • Ryan Andersen is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis in his hands, is golfing.

  • Denny Montgomery '60 dealing with balance problems that restrict his travel.

  • Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz '60 has early stages of Parkinson's.

  • Terry Kovara '64 plumbing biopsy was negative, clear for 6 months.

  • Gary Schonert '59 H new problem with his knee. Not sure if it's his right knee, his left knee or his weenie.

  • Doris (Johnson) Fiori '60 2nd Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • Dick Milkie '52 dealing with leg & back issues.

  • Dave O'Brien eye surgery in Fall.

  • Tom "Westy" Westrich '56 dealing with vertigo, no golf, no softball.

  • Bob Garrity '62 has a form of Parkinson.

  • George Gordon had a spot removed from his forehead - melanoma.

  • Dr Parisa Meymand recovering from Kidney Stone Surgery.

  • Todd Pettit was taken to the ER with an infection in his good leg, has diabetes, unfortunately they amputated his leg. It was Todd's decision.

  • Dick Peterson was in the hospital for 2-1/2 days with pneumonia, had ton of tests. He's temporarily living with his son. Reason: Dick's wife Fran Peterson has Covid.

  • George Gordon stepped in a pot hole and broke a bone in his right foot - wearing a boot.

Others Needing Prayers: Mickey Postorino, Dan Bentz, Mike Iggulden, Helen Miller,

Tom Konieczko, Bob Letsch, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife,

Gary Schonert's wife, Dick Heidenreich's wife,

Important Dates:

• Angel Golfers play 9 Holes every Thursday at Ives Grove - Teeing Off at 8:30.

Scramble format, join us and you'll be put in a foursome for fun and a few laughs.

• Friday September 30th - McGuire/Letsch Golf Scramble, Ives Grove Golf Course

Register Online; - Play 9 or 18 Holes

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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