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Monday Aug 7, 2023

Updated: Aug 8

Schonert's Annual Picnic - Monday August 14th - Alumni House Closed

4516 Harvest Ln. - North of 5 Mile - South of 6 Mile off HWY 31 or HWY 32

BIG THANKS to Don Klemt & Dan DeMatthew who sponsored lunch today. Sub Sandwiches and Chips were the main course. Jim Rasmussen provided O&H Kringles for dessert - Jack Kelley brought a case of Water for the gang.

Don Klemt, today's lunch sponsor along with

Dan DeMatthew who was absent today.

Joining Us: Don Klemt, Terry Kovara, Dan Kovara,, Frank D'Acquisto,

Bobby Letsch Jr, Rick Jones, Jack Kelley, Dan Bentz, Joe Woitach, Tom Konieczko,

Jerry Jardina, George Gordon, George Oteman, Dave O'Brien, John Ketarkus,

CeCe (Ketarkus) Gavin, Cathy Poulsen, Joe Ingrasci, Bob Broihier, Dave Benjamin,

Gary Schonert, Alia Onaczynski, Chelsea Ostrov, Tom Goebel, Terry Toll, Bob Letsch,

Chris Gorman, Rick Ropiak, Ed DeMeulenaere, Bill Dombrowski, Jeff Tarkowski,

Jeff Pulda, Mike Hyduke

• Special Guests:

John Ketarkus '56 brought his sister CeCe (Ketarkus) Gavin '71 visiting from Henderson NV.

Maiden Voyage:

Gary Schonert finally got his used, year-old fishing boat in the water, A year ago, he told John that he would take him fishing--------OK where the "H" are your fishing poles??? Don't see any!!! Gary, you know the fish aren't going to jump into your "New Boat."

Dave Benjamin took the photo---maybe he was the designated photographer/fisherman!!

John Ketarkus '56 & Gary Schonert '59 H

• Cribbage - Table 1:

Bob Letsch/ Rick Ropiak, George Gordon/ CWood, Terry Toll/Dave Benjamin all split 1-2 each team winning 1 game. In the 4th and deciding game - Dave Benjamin departed half way thru the game and Bobby Letsch Jr sat in - this is a violation of House Rules - Once a game has started anyone leaving said game forfeits the remainder of the game.

Bob Letsch Jr then teamed with George Gordon to loose to Rick Ropiak/Bob Letsch 2-1

Not a good day for Bobby !!!

• Table 2:

Frank D'Acquisto/ Don "Donny Dozen" Klemt was HOT and defeated Bobby Letsch Jr/ Chris Gorman 3-2. Noted: that the teams agreed prior to the start of their game that they would play best of 7 - but once Frank won game 3, he excited the premise in a hurry with his 3-2 victory. Obviously, Frank didn't want to chance loosing in the best of 7 games.

Only Frank eh ???

Bobby Letsch Jr - stated that he was exhausted from watching Frank the whole match.

Frank apparently miss counted/pegged numerous times during their games. This caused Bobby to not only play his hand and pegged but recount time and time again for Frank hand.

• Angels Connecting..................

* Class of '58......

A number from the Class of '58 got together for lunch Saturday at the Alumni House

L-R Seated: Sue & Jerry Verwey, Dan & Judy Bentz, Joan Becker,

Standing: Richard Wanserski, Dave O'Brien, Jim Nondorf, Loretta Savoli, Rose Ann Tempesta, Helen Evens, Arlene Fornary, Chuck Hoeft, Mary Burnhart

• Class of "65......

The Class of '65 will be golfing............

STILL CRAZY - Greensboro Sunday, Sept. 17th -- Thursday, Sept. 21st, 2023

• Class of '78........

• SPREAD THE WORD............

• Purchase your Angels Items online. Click on......

• Angels In the News.........

Congratulations to Tom Scheller "Coach of the Year"

Tom Scheller was named Racine... - Racine St. Catherine's ...

Congratulations to HOF Inductee: Michael Drummond '74 Basketball

Racine County Sports Hall of Fame ceremony - The Journal Times

• Racine News..........

Teams take to Root River in annual Cardboard Boat Race

Racine Starving Artist Fair: A Sunday in the Park - FestivalNet

Mount Pleasant family receives Habitat for Humanity home

• Prayers for the families of departed Angels and Friends......

Roberta Ann Kilmer '66

Thomas Pietras '60

• Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Tom Clazmer's uses a walker and dealing with heath issues.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Cintia Sanchez Bilingual Admissions Coordinator is back to work parttime.

  • Joe Ingrasci dealing with a new heart issue. - waiting for possible Pacemaker.

  • Former SCHS Golf Coach Dave Arkenburg - led them to 2nd place at State Golf in 2018. Dave is dealing with serious health issue. Sarah Busey '18 led the Angels and won Individual State honors.

  • Jim Poulsen has returned to St Monica's.

  • Don Hansen dealing with COPD

  • Rob Gordon using braces on his legs

  • Victor Moreno difficulty walking - leg issues

  • Jeff DeMatthew had his 3rd Heart Ablation

  • Doug Andrewski is in need of a Kidney Transplant

  • Fr. Ron Crewe is recuperating back at Elizabeth Gardens in Oak Creek, hopes to attend Gary Schonert's Picnic.

  • Rick Cramer is up and out and about

  • Roger DeMark still working on regaining his strength after his recent bout of COVID

  • Vince Angel '65 dealing with very serious Health issues

  • Dan DeMatthew slowly healing his 5 broken ribs from his wheelchair crash

  • Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen going to have Catarac Surgery - One eyes is done & healing

  • George Gordon dealing with back issue using a support.

• Special Prayers needed for:

Chris & Sue Gorman's grandson Eli, Don Heck, Tom Konieczko, Rick Cramer, Tom Pulda, Dave O'Brien, George Gordon, Bob Letsch, Jack Kelley, Bob Garrity, Gary Schonert, Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz, Jim Poulsen, Mickey Postorino, Helen (Willmes) Miller, Mike O'Brien, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Del Alton's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Dan Peterson's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger

* Great Opportunity for you, family member, friend or neighbor....................

St. Catherine's is in need of the following coaches for this fall.

If interested please contact Tyson Tlachac at

  1. Head Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach- Season begins on August 14th with regionals beginning on October 20th

  2. Head Girls Golf Coach - New Coach Mike Hyduke '70

  3. Assistant Girls Volleyball Coaches- Season begins on August 14th with regionals beginning on October 19th

  4. Assistant Boys Soccer Coach- Season begins on August 14th with regionals beginning on October 17th

Help Needed:

Scoreboard and PA- 1 person needed for each date. Duties would be doing the scoreboard for JV and varsity games as well as making announcements before, during and after the game. Once you do this 1 time, it is easy all other times I would provide training and instructions on the scoreboard. Payment is $20/match, so $60 for 8/23 date, $40 for all other dates

Volleyball Scorebook- 1 person needed for each date. Duties would include doing volleyball scorebook for JV and varsity games. Preferably someone who already knows how to do volleyball scorebook as I do not have a vast knowledge on doing volleyball scorebook. Payment is $20/match, so $60 for 8/23 date, $40 for all other dates

Libero Tracker- 1 person needed for each date. Duties would include being a Libero Track for varsity games (JV does not do Libero Tracking). Would need to arrive for 5:00 for 8/23 date, 6:30 for all other dates. Payment is $20 per match so $60 for 8/23 date, $20 for all other dates

Line Judges- 2 people needed for each date. Duties would include being a line judge for JV and varsity games. Referees run you through instructions before the match starts. Once you do this 1 time, it is easy all other times. Payment is $20/match, so $60 for 8/23 date, $40 for all other dates -

Date/Location/Levels/Game Start Time8/23St. CatsBoys Varsity Triangular5:008/29St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/6St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/7St. CatsGirls JV and Varsity5:009/12St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/14St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/19St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/21St. CatsBoys JV and Varsity5:009/26St. CatsGirls JV and Varsity5:0010/4St. CatsGirls JV and Varsity5:0010/10St. CatsGirls JV and Varsity5:00

Tyson Tlachac Activities and Athletic Director, M. Ed., CAA 262-632-2785 ext. 408 1200 Park Avenue; Racine, WI 53403

Important Dates:

Schonert's Annual Picnic - Monday August 14th - Alumni House Closed

4516 Harvest Ln. - North of 5 Mile - South of 6 Mile off HWY 31 or HWY 32

• Labor Day - Monday Sept 4th - Alumni House Closed

• Preservation Racine Tour of Alumni House - Sunday Sept 24th noon - 5:30pm

• McGuire/Letsch Scramble - Ives Grove - Friday Sept 29th

Register on-line at - today !!!

Angel Athletics - Off for the Summer

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive

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