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Monday April 4, 2022

Hi Gang

Thanks to Max the owner of Matranga’s Grocery Store on corner of 12th & Villa who sponsored lunch today: DeRango’s Fried Chicken, Cole Slaw and Chips were the main course.

  • Chris & Sue Gorman brought a two boxes of Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos and Potato Chips for snacking. This week & one last week.

  • Dave Benjamin brought a box of Cheetos for Bob Letsch and the gang.

  • Dick Peterson brought three plates of homemade Sugar Cookies.

  • Roger DeMark brought a bag of two weeks old and hard Ginger Snaps.

  • Someone gave them to Roger and he didn’t like them, so he pawn them off on the guys.

  • Tom Goebel thought he may have chipped a tooth on one of Roger's Ginger Snaps.

Joining us for lunch: Jack Kelley, Jack Kelley, Jack Kelley (he was omitted in last week wrap up), Tom Konieczko, Bob Letsch, Fr Ron Crewe, Dave Benjamin, Dan Bentz, George Oteman, Dan Peterson, Dick Peterson, Dan Kovara, Dave Litrenta, Jeff Pulda, George Gordon, Jeff Turkowski, Tom Krug, Chris & Sue Gorman, Roger DeMark, Tom Goebel, Chris Sosnay, Marie Welsh, Dr Parisa Meymand, Erin McCarville, Angie Peterson, Joey Wiginton, Joe Woitach, Rick Jones, Gary Schonert, Samantha Repischak, Burlington Bill

Bad News/ Good News:

Bad News: George Oteman happened to fall backwards to the ground.

Good News: Nothing broken, but his pride was bruised a bit.

We had a visit from Tony Schiro’s son, sorry didn’t get his name. His uncle is Pete Schiro ’77. He stopped by to say hi to Marie Welsh.

NCAA Pool: Chris Gorman has North Carolina, Dick Heidenreich has Kansas - (Winner receives $150 - Runner up receives $70)

Terry Toll had Duke and won $50 & Mike Ptaschinski had Villanova and won $50.

Thank You to Mike, he donated his winnings to the Kitty.

Cribbage: Dave Benjamin/ George Gordon vs Bob Letsch/ Chris Gorman and Tom Krug/ Terry Toll. Gorman/Letsch won the 1st. Toll/Krug won 2nd game.

Gorman & had to go….Letsch teamed with CW who won the 1st game. In the games Benjamin & Gordon were “Skunked” twice. Tom Krug asked if that has happened before.

We all agreed it might be a 1st……….Krug & Toll had to leave. Benjamin/ Gordon did manage to win 2 of 3 games from Letsch & CW.

St Catherine’s in the News…………….

Commentary by John Becker ’73………...

Prayers for those dealing with Health issues:

  • Dick Peterson has a disabled wire in his pacemaker and the doctors told him he’s not strong enough for surgery.

  • Dan DeMatthew has dealt with a bad cold for past two weeks. After visiting the doctor today. Dan's issue is a sinus Infection.

  • Jeff Tarkowski is in need of a hip replacement surgery.

  • Jack Kelley is back checking on his throat cancer.

  • We hear that Pete Schiro needs Shoulder Surgery.

  • Rick Jones is in therapy for his shoulder issue.

  • Others need pryers: Todd Pettit, Bob Garrity, Mike Iggulden, Jim Poulsen, Helen Miller, Kathy Wirtz, Dave O’Brien

Prayers for families of departed Angels……….

Important Dates………..

Sunday May 1st - Pancake Day at Roma Lodge contact Mark Mano -

St. Catherine's High School students participated in the Save A Life Tour on Wednesday, March 30. Check out the story in the Journal Times!

  • Bilingual Admissions Coordinator Cintia Sanchez visited John Paul II Academy this week, seeing the FAB Lab and Peace Circles in person. the FAB Lab introduces students to fabrication as a part of creating and learning. Peace Circles allow students to better understand the impact that words and actions have on others. One example used was taking a paper heart and ripping it to illustrate how you can put the heart back together, but it will never quite be the same.

  • The combined St. Rita/St. Joseph 8th grade basketball team became the first Racine team to reach the championship game of the Padre Serra tournament, coming in second to Holy Apostles. Congratulations on an amazing season, Royals/Blue Jays!

  • Special shout-out to Lamont, Sam, and Amiyah for making the all-tournament teams for Padre Serra boys and girls tournaments.

  • Our students are eagerly preparing for Holy Week. Many will be learning about this sacred time through living stations of the cross. The sacrament of reconciliation has been available to students throughout Lent. Stations of the Cross plays are listed here:

    • Our Lady of Grace Academy: 1 p.m. April 7, 4th grade

    • St. Joseph School: 1 p.m. Holy Thursday, 8th grade

    • John Paul II Academy, 1 p.m. Holy Thursday, 8th grade

    • St. Lucy School:10:30 a.m. Holy Thursday, 4th grade

    • St. Rita School: 8:30 a.m. Holy Thursday, 4th grade


Chief Advancement Officer


245 Main Street, Suite 402; Racine, WI 53403



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