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Monday April 18, 2022

Hi Gang

Lunch today was Kewpee’s Hamburgers & Fries, today's lunch sponsor was a NO SHOW !!!

Dick Peterson brought homemade Carrot Cake. Angie Peterson brought three pies, two apple & a cherry. Siena Catholic Schools Administration had an O&H Cake delivered for Angie Peterson. Amy & Dan DeMatthew brought a box of Cheerios, Fritos, Doritos & Chips for snacks. Gary Schonert had Terry Toll pick up three O&H Kringles, compliments of Jim Rasmussen.

Pictured Jim Rasmussen ’76 our O&H Kringle sponsor also delivered Angie’s "Going Away Cake"

Joining the gang today: Tom Konieczko, Rick Jones, Dick Heidenreich, Jeff Pulda, Jack Kelley, Terry Toll, Bob Letsch, Tom Goebel, Fr Ron Crewe, Bill Dombrowski, Bobby Letsch Jr., Dan DeMatthew, Dan Kovara, George Oteman, Dan Bentz, Joe Woitach, Dave Benjamin, Dick Peterson, Rick Ropiak, Dan Peterson, Angie Peterson, Dr. Parisa Meymand, Kimberly Gardner, Samantha Repischak, Ian Konrath, Amy DeMatthew, Jim Rasmussen, Erin McCarville, Steve Jansta.

  • Steve Jansta stopped in to drop off info on the Knights of Columbus Golf Outing - details forthcoming

  • We welcomed Mike Hyduke back from the past three months in his place in Hot Springs, AR.

Newcomer: Bill Dombrowski ’75. Bill is teaching math at SCHS, he started in January.

L-R Fr Ron Crewe, with good friend Bill Dombrowski

Cribbage: Dan DeMatthew/ Rick Ropiak teamed against Bobby Letsch/Mike Hyduke split 1-1.

Bob Letsch/Dave Benjamin teamed against Terry Toll/CW lost 2-0.

Terry Left and Bob, Dave & Cw played three handed - Dave won 1-0.

Dave left and Bob/CW joined their table “Skunking" both team of Rick/Dan & Mike/Bobby.

Rick & Dan rebounded to win the the next game and “Skunked" Bobby/Mike yet again.

The gang had chance to wish Angie Peterson ’99 all the best in her new job at Carthage College. We all will miss her beautiful smile, great sense of humor and warm personality.

All the guys signed a card for Angie.

Pictured with her dad...

Dan & Angie Peterson

Easter Sunday, Jim & Carol May ’59 hosted UW-Milwukee’s new Head Basketball Coach Bart Lundy and his family.

L-R Suzanne Lundy, Bart Lundy, Jim & Carol - Liam Lundy 8. Suzanne Lundy is Carol May’s niece.

Angels in the News…

Nick Comande ’76

Kamari McGee ’21 transfers to UW-Madison

Tom Pulda ’72, Grandson in the news……….

Careful, People!: Gary Schonert was involved in a $20,000 Scam past 5 days. Fortunately, his banker questioned the transfer and saved Gary the $20,000.

Unfortunately, Gary had to change all his computer and banking passwords, as well as notify Social Security regarding direct deposit. Bottom Line: it can happen to anyone.

Prayers for those dealing with Health issues:

  • Chris Gorman rehabbing Ankle Surgery - sees Dr. this week hopefully good news.

  • Dr. Parisa rehabbing and dealing with Kidney Stones.

  • Gary Albright had successful prostate cancer surgery.

  • Brenda White rehabbing from recent chemotherapy treatments.

  • Dick Peterson dealing with a disabled wire in his pacemaker.

  • Tim Letsch has a lower leg/knee issue after pickleball.

  • Pete Schiro needs Shoulder Surgery.

  • Rick Jones is in therapy for his shoulder issue.

  • Others need prayers: Todd Pettit, Bob Garrity, Mike Iggulden, Jim Poulsen,

  • Helen Miller, Kathy Wirtz, Dave O’Brien, Bob Letsch, Dick Albregts' wife,

  • Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Dan Peterson’s wife having cataract surgery on the other eye.

Important Dates…

Sunday, May 1st - Pancake Day at Roma Lodge contact Mark Mano -

Saturday, May 14th

Angel Fest at St Catherine’s

Any questions about Advancement--including Angel Fest, contact:

  1. Congratulations are in order for Kamari McGee '21. Kamari is transferring from UW-Green Bay to UW-Madison to play basketball for Head Coach Greg Gard. We look forward to cheering on the Badgers even more in 2022-23.

  2. Alexis Hrouda and Anika Peterson have been named the Distinguished Young Woman of Racine-South for 2023 and the Distinguished Young Woman of Racine-North for 2023, respectively. Alexis and Anika are both juniors at St. Catherine’s High School. Founded in 1958, Distinguished Young Woman is a national honorary scholastic program whose mission is to positively impact the lives of young women by promoting scholarship, leadership, and talent.

  3. All six Siena schools participated in the Stations of the Cross, whether in-person or virtually. Students did a wonderful job bringing these somber moments to life during Holy Week.

  4. Siena's partnership with Gateway's Fab Lab continues to grow. All of our schools now have their own 3D printer to use in classrooms, bringing science and innovation to all grade levels!

  5. From all of us at Siena Catholic Schools of Racine, a most blessed end to Holy Week and a joyous Easter!



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