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Monday April 11, 2022

Hi Gang

Big Thanks to Dan Peterson who sponsored lunch today at the Alumni House.

DeRango’s Pizza was the main course, one sheet Cheese & Sausage, one sheet Cheese & Pepperoni and a large Veggie.

Jack Kelley brought four cases of water for the gang. Dan Bentz brought 3 cases of soda. Chris Gorman brought a box of assorted Cheers, Doritos, Fritos & Chips. Dick Peterson brought two bags of assorted candy.

Tom Goebel ran out to grab a 12 pack of Pepsi.

Joining the gang today: Tom Konieczko, Ryan Andersen, Dick Heidenreich, Jeff Tarkowski, Jeff Pulda, Jack Kelley, Terry Toll, Bob Letsch, Tom Goebel, Fr Ron Crewe, Chris Sosnay, Bobby Letsch Jr., John Bassindale, Chris Gorman, Dan DeMatthew, Roger DeMark, George Oteman, Dan Bentz, Joe Woitach, Tom Krug, Dave Benjamin, Dick Peterson, Joey Wiginton, Gary Schonert, Rick Ropiak, Marie Welsh, Kathy Poulsen, Kory Borek, Samantha Repischak, Cinti Sánchez, Erin McCarville, Kimberly GardnerAmy DeMatthew, Dave O’Brien - Dave stopped by to pay Bob Letsch his winnings for an NCAA pool.

Newcomer and recent retiree Bobby Letsch Jr. ’84 pictured with Mike O’Brien ’67

Bobby and his wife Gayle just returned from a week in the Bahamas. Come to find out, upon his retirement Sherman-Williams hired three people to replace him.

Bobby has agreed to join the Friends of Angels Board.

Newcomer and Uber driver John Bassindale ’77 Case, pictured with Chris Gorman ’77.

Because John was closing his right eye, Chris wanted to complement him by closing his left eye.

Go Figure !!!

Could be Chris’s medication ???

Special Thanks to Dave Benjamin for repainting the two front doors at the Alumni House under the supervision and watchful eye of Dan Bentz.

Cribbage: Dave Benjamin/ John Bassindale teamed against Chris Gorman/ Dan DeMatthew - they lost 2-0. During their game the count was 27 - each succeeding player laid down an Ace - 28 - next Ace - 29 for two - next Ace 30 for 6 - next Ace 31 for 12 - plus two for 31 - overall it was 14 pegging pts. Dave then tried to explain to the guys how to play Sheepshead.

On the other table; Bobby Letsch Jr teamed with his dad only to lose to teams of Terry Toll/ Tom Krug 0-2

Rick Ropiak/CW 0-1. Tom Krug had to leave and Terry/CW teamed. Terry did his best to carry CW but had to settle with a split.

Tom Krug was hot hand of 8/10/12 were very common.

Terry departed and CW teamed with Bob Letsch Sr vs Bobby Letsch Jr and Dan DeMatthew, that ended 1-1. Dan DeMatthew had 20 in the crib.

For the day Bobby Letsch Jr was 1 -8. Tough day for the Rookie !!!

Sad News - Good News...

  • Sad News we lost: Angie Peterson '99 has resigned from her position as Director of Advancement, effective April 19, 2022.

  • Good News for Angie: She's accepted a position at Carthage College as the Director of Advancement and Alumni Programs.

Kimberly Gardner expressed all the gang's feelings…………….

I want to personally thank Angie for her dedication to Siena Catholic Schools and St. Catherine's High School over the past three years.

She's a passionate alum (and current parent!) who cares deeply about education and her hometown of Racine. We'll miss her !

Take care,


Angels in the news…………

Prayers for those dealing with Health issues:

  • Chris Gorman rehabbing Ankle Surgery.

  • Dr. Parisa rehabbing from recent surgery.

  • Gary Schonert had minor surgery on his trigger finger.

  • Gary Albright had successful prostate cancer surgery.

  • Brenda White rehabbing from recent chemotherapy treatments.

  • Dick Peterson dealing with a disabled wire in his pacemaker.

  • Jeff Tarkowski is in need of hip replacement surgery.

  • Tim Letsch has a lower leg/knee issue after pickle ball.

  • Pete Schiro needs Shoulder Surgery.

  • Rick Jones is in therapy for his shoulder issue.

Others needing prayers: Todd Pettit, Bob Garrity, Mike Iggulden, Jim Poulsen,

Helen Miller, Kathy Wirtz, Dave O’Brien, Bob Letsch, Dick Albregts' wife,

Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Dan Peterson’s wife having cataract surgery tomorrow.

Dan Bentz brought a card for the gang to sign for Todd Pettit & Chris Gorman

Prayers for families of departed Angels……….

Prayers for families of departed Angels……….

Important Dates………..

Sunday, May 1st - Pancake Day at Roma Lodge contact Mark Mano -

Saturday, May 14th - Angel Fest at St Catherine’s

Any questions about Advancement--including Angel Fest -

From Kimberly Gardner………...

Holy Week Information from our 11 parishes:

**If you have any corrections, please email me directly.**

God bless our priests as they guide us through the holiest week of our Liturgical year.

  1. Eighth-grade science at St. Rita was hands-on this week. Students learned about freezing points, comparing the results of freezing food-based items in plain ice baths to ice baths that had added sodium chloride (salt). Check it out!

  2. Calling all cribbage fans! We're bringing the beloved game to Angel Fest in tournament form. Interested in playing? You can sign up here. More info about Angel Fest is heading your way!

  3. Have you heard of WIN Time? WIN stands for "What I Need" and is a time that allows educators to give students personalized instruction based on their needs. Whether a student is struggling and needs supplementary materials or if they are advanced and need an extra challenge, WIN Time really is a win for everyone.

  4. Siena Catholic Schools and the Center for Urban Teaching are again teaming up for FREE summer school instruction for currently-enrolled students entering grades K5-8. In addition to classes and games, students receive free breakfast and lunch. Interested families can register here.

  5. For the last few months, OLOGA 4th grade students have been working incredibly hard practicing and memorizing their lines for the Living Stations of the Cross Presentation. On Thursday, April 7, the OLOGA community gathered together to experience the Living Stations of the Cross. As Catholics, the Living Stations of the Cross reminds us of Jesus' death before Easter. Way to go Crusaders!

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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