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Monday Apr 10, 2023

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

BIG THANKS - today's lunch was DeRango's Fried Chicken, Coleslaw & Chips. Dessert was a Special O&H Cake. O&H Kringle was the snack thanks to Jim Rasmussen & Gary Schonert - Terry Toll handles delivery. Bobby Letsch brought cinnamon muffins for dessert. Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen brought a four pac of mini wine bottles for Fr Crewe. Fr had one with lunch.

• The new Friends of Angels Administrators Chris Gorman President, Frank D'Acquisto Vice President & Bobby Letsch Treasurer surprised CW with the unveiling of the Alumni House front center window display and Special Cake. Jeff Pulda and Bob Letsch said a few words and thanked CW for his efforts with the Alumni House. Check our website:

Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen comments:

It was a sunny Monday morning at the St. Catherine’s Alumni House. This day, however, was going to be different from all others. Many gathered for the usual morning coffee and lunch but were all keeping a secret! That secret was going to be revealed soon. In the meantime, all were discussing the cracked glass window in front of the place which was still covered up due to its recent repair--a little white lie, yes even “Angels” lie….the St. Catherine’s angels, that is, along with other Alumni House friends! They had to keep a special secret from their Alumni House founder, Chuck Wood, who had just returned from a Florida trip.

Oops - Yes, Alumni is misspelled.

Only Fitting - CW can't spell either !!!

Correction is in the works.

Joining Us: Dave Benjamin, Frank D'Acquisto, John Busey, Pat (Ingrasci) Nielsen,

Joe Ingrasci, Fr Ron Crewe, Bob Broihier, Rick Jones, Jack Kelley, Tom Konieczko,

Terry Toll, Dan DeMatthew, Amy DeMatthew, Gary Schonert, Dan Bentz, Joe Woitach,

Dick Heidenreich, Alia Onaczynski, Chelsea Ostrov, Dave O'Brien, Roger DeMark,

Dr Parisa Meymand, Dan Peterson, Tom Goebel, Chris Sosnay, Mark Mano, Renee (Ricchio) Benjamin, Jo Wood, Sue Gorman, Bob Letsch, Bobby Letsch, Chris Gorman, Jeff Pulda, Paul Mares, Cathy Poulsen, Jim Poulsen, Joey Wigginton, Bill Dombrowski, Pete Jackel,

Del Alton.

Great to have Jim Poulsen and Pete Jackel join the gang.

Bob Letsch '61, Pete Jackel '77, Jim Poulsen '60

• Special Guests:

Paul Mares '76 wearing the "I was Skunked" symbol. Paul stayed and played cribbage. Unfortunately, he was teamed with Bobby Letsch. They lost 2 out of 3 and were Skunked in the rubber match. Paul was a good sport and said he plans to return. He asked for a new partner next time. Maybe Coach Scheller would join us. Paul said that TS is the only person to double "Skunk" him.

• Cribbage: Table 1 Dick Heidenreich/ Dave Benjamin teamed to defeat Terry Toll/ Dan DeMatthew 3-1 including a "Skunk".

Table 2: Bob Letsch/ Mark Mano destroyed Frank D'Acquisto/ Dave O'Brien 3-1. Frank is still scratching his head - how/why, he could loose once again.

Table 3: Chris Gorman/CWood defeated Bobby Letsch and newcomer Paul Mares 3-1. The rubber match was a "Skunk" see Paul Mares above.

Table 4: Bob Letsch/ Dan DeMatthew, Dave Benjamin/ Dick Heidenreich, CW/Bobby Letsch played 6 handed after a few guys left - Each team won 1 game and in the rubber match Bob Letsch/Dan DeMatthew "Skunked" both teams.

* Former Racine Raiders Player and Coach, was the catcher on National Senior Softball Championship team. Presently recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery. The one and only Larry Benjamin '61 - looks right at home at Lambeau Field. Packer Player/ Coach ???

* Black & White Ball - Dick Graceffa '69 will be the emcee for the Black & White Ball - Saturday April 22nd - SCHS -

• Connect to Angels Items online. Click on......

• Angels Connecting/ In the News..........

• Racine News...........

• Prayers for the families of departed Angels and Friends......

Dave, Tom, Gary Manchester's Mom

• Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Dave Bulik '71 dealing with A-Fib condition.

  • Mark Pawzun '75 dealing with teeth alignment problems - fitted for braces.

  • Janet Grant '60 - dealing with Medical issues.

  • Barb (Bohn) Jarapko '60 dealing with health issues.

  • Jim May has an ankle issue and is using a cane. The May family is gathering in Fort Myers to see Ben May '00 umpire in the Grapefruit League.

  • Rick Cramer '60 had a stroke and dealing with serious health issues.

  • Al Mollerskov rehabbing from Knee Replacement Surgery - getting ready for retirement golf and periodic trips to Potawatomi.

  • Don Heck '63 diagnosed with NOH (neurogenic orthostatic hypotension). After 3 or 4 minutes of standing, he gets very weak and light header. This disease is not curable but you can learn to adjust your life and work around the issues.

  • Don Heck in addition to his above health issues - visiting family in Florida - now has Covid and is in the hospital with pneumonia.

  • Tommy Pulda '72 rehabbing Heart Surgery after valve replacement surgery. Tom is in Florida with family and doing well.

  • Joe Ingrasci '64 dealing with tremors, the result of his service in Vietnam.

  • Larry Benjamin '61 rehabbing from Knee Replacement Surgery in Scottsdale AZ.

  • Jimmy Ruetz rehabbing from recent Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • Dick Peterson '53 rehabbing from hip replacement surgery, fell a 2nd time at the hospital. He is being moved to the 9th floor at VA Hospital. Visitation will be limited.

• Special Prayers for Chris & Sue Gorman's grandson Eli rehabbing from Brain Surgery - great making progress. Was at the Gorman's for Easter Sunday egg hunt.

• Others Needing Prayers:

Ron Bentz, Bob Letsch, Jack Kelley, Bob Garrity, Gary Schonert, Kathy (Hackl) Wirtz,

Jim Poulsen, Dick Peterson, Mickey Postorino, Dave O"Brien, Helen (Willems) Miller,

Mike O'Brien, Mickey Postorino, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife,

Del Alton's wife, Bill Halberstadt's wife, Dan Peterson's wife, Pat (Peters) Obernberger

Important Dates:

• Black & White Ball - Saturday April 22nd - SCHS

• Brenda White's Last Day - Friday June 30th - Happy Retirement !!!

Eleven-Player All-Star Game - Saturday July 15th, 12:00 Noon

Coach Dan Miller was chosen to be the head coach for the WFCA All-Star Game.

Schonert's Annual Picnic - Monday August 14th

Angel Athletics

Mar 25th - Apr 1st

Girls Soccer Monday night the girls soccer team traveled to Kenosha Indian Trail for a non-conference soccer game. The Angels improved in their 2nd game of the season, however Indian Trail was still able to come away with the victory as they defeated the Angels 9-0. Katelyn Gordon had 8 saves on the night. The Angels opened their conference schedule on Wednesday night as they traveled to Ameche field to face off against Kenosha St. Joseph. Unfortunately for the Angels the Lancers were too much to handle as they were defeated 8-0. In the goalie box Katelyn Gordon was under attack most of the night but still managed to walk away with an impressive 14 saves.

Baseball The Angels baseball team opened up their season on Monday night as they hosted Martin Luther at Horlick Field. The season got off to an exciting start as the Angels were able to defeat the Spartans 3-2 off a walk-off double from Mariano Talamantez in the bottom of the 7th inning. Talamantez led the Angels with 2 hits while Domonic Pitts, Issac Cantu and Nathanyel Callis each had 1 hit. Cantu led the team with 2 steals. Pitts got the start on the mound and threw 4 innings of ball and recorded 8 strikeouts. Callis came in in relief and threw 3 innings and recorded 3 strikeouts and got the victory.

Tennis No matches occurred this week. Tennis next match is scheduled for April 11th at The Prairie School

Softball No games occurred this week. Softballs next game is scheduled for April 11th at Living World Lutheran

Golf No meets occurred this week. Golfs next meet is scheduled for April 18th at Catholic Central

Upcoming Angel Athletic Events

Monday April 10th

  • Girls soccer vs. Oak Creek @ Pritchard Park @ 6:30pm

Tuesday April 11th

  • Tennis @ The Prairie School @ 4:00pm

  • Softball @ Living Word Lutheran @ 4:30pm

  • Baseball vs. St. Thomas More @ Horlick Field @ 4:30pm

Wednesday April 12th

  • Tennis vs. University School of Milwaukee @ Lockwood Park @ 4:00pm

  • Girls soccer vs. The Prairie School @ Pritchard Park @ 6:30pm

Thursday April 13th

  • Track and Field @ Badger @ 4:00pm

  • Baseball @ St. Thomas More @ 4:30pm

Friday April 14th

  • Softball vs. Kenosha Christian Life @ Roosevelt Park @ 4:30pm

Saturday April 15th

  • Baseball @ Kenosha Bradford @ 1:15pm

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Positive



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