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Monday June 6, 2022

Big Thanks to Tommy & Mike McGuire who sponsored lunch today. Three sheet DeRango's Pizzas: Cheese & Sausage, Cheese & Pepperoni and a Veggie. George Gordon brought two boxes of 10-pack Cheetos, Dick Peterson brought his homemade Lemon Pound Cake.

Gary Schonert brought 3 O & H Kringles compliments of Jim Rasmussen.

On Hand: Ed DeMeulenaere, Chris DeMeulenaere, Tom Konieczko, Jack Kelley, Terry Toll, Dave Benjamin, Larry Benjamin, George Oteman, George Gordon, Joe Woitach, Dick Peterson, Terry Kovara, Joe Macareno, Kory Borek, Samantha Repischak, Cintia Sanchez, Bob Letsch, Jeff Tarkowski, Gary Schonert, Kathy Poulsen, Chris Sosnay, Brenda White, Rick Ropiak, Fr. Ron Crewe, Dan DeMatthew, Ryan Andersen, Mike Hyduke, Chris Gorman, Jeff Pulda, Dick Milkie, Don Klemt, Dr. Parisa Meymand, Dick Heidenreich, Jerry Jardina, John Busey, Ryan Busey, Dan Howard, Tom McGuire, Mike McGuire, Judy McGuire,

Amy DeMatthew

• Great to have Dick Milkie join the gang. Yes, he was selling his recycled golf balls.

L-R Mike McGuire '76, Judy McGuire 94 years young, Tom McGuire '77. The McGuire boys were visiting from California.

Couple new faces joined the gang today......

L-R Brothers: Dave Benjamin '61, Larry Benjamin '61

L-R Ed DeMeulenaere with his son Chris DeMeulenaere '81

L-R Ryan Busey '16 with his dad John Busey

Ryan will finish his MBA this summer and begin the fall working in Chicago

We welcomed back Jerry Jardina from Chandler, AZ

L-R Don Klemt, Brenda White, Jerry Jardina '61

Cribbage: George Gordon/Don Klemt destroyed Rick Ropiak/CWood, 4-2 and Skunked them twice. Terry Toll/ Chris Gorman defeated Larry Benjamin/Dave Benjamin. Dave Benjamin dumped his brother for Bob Letsch vs Dan DeMatthew/Chris Gorman. Dan DeMatthew

teamed with Tom McGuire with Michael looking on.

News from around town..........

Don Smiley '73 President Summerfest is stepping aside.........

Happy 65th Anniversary..........

Remember the old Zahn's Building...........

Prayers for the families of departed Angels.........

Prayers for Alumni & Friends dealing with Health issues:

  • Chris Gorman Ankle Surgery, his 5th surgery in July.

  • Jeff Tarkowski is still wearing a heart monitor.

  • Brenda White is doing well has reconstructive surgery scheduled for next week.

  • Dick Peterson had surgery for some cancer on his face, had to return next day to get new stitches. It bled thru and they re-stitched him - better today.

  • Rick Jones still in therapy for his shoulder issue.

  • Jim Poulsen is going to therapy for Carpal Tunnel and he's back golfing.

  • Dick Ruetz has received a clean bill of health from his doctors. Hopes to return from Florida within the next week .

  • Dan DeMatthew had surgery Wednesday to replace his baclofen pump. Stopped by today in his new wheelchair.

  • Dave O'Brien says his new workout program is helping his breathing.

  • Dr. Robert "Bob" Jaklich went into hospital for cardiac ablation, he's home doing well.

  • Jack Kelley is scheduled for an ultra sound for the chest pain on his right side. Jack was originally scheduled for a cat scan. He said the change was do to all the cats are on strike. OK Jack !

  • Pete Schiro will have shoulder replacement surgery tomorrow Tuesday June 7th.

  • Joe Macareno has a 4 inch plate in his neck. He's doing well after motorcycle accident.

  • Ryan Andersen is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis in his hands.

Others Needing Prayers: Dan Bentz, Todd Pettit, Bob Garrity, Mike Iggulden, Helen Miller, Tom Konieczko, Kathy Wirtz, Bob Letsch, Dick Albregts' wife, Rudy Weibel's wife, Tom Krug’s wife, Gray Schonert's wife, Dick Heidenreich's wife.

Important Dates:

• Angel Golfers play every Thursday at Ives Grove - teeing off at 8:30.

We play 9 holes - Scramble format. Join us and you'll be put in a foursome.

• Friday June 10th Ives Grove - Knights of Columbus 4th Annual Golf Outing

Registration: May 20th - $100.00 - Scramble Format

Registration/Details Contact:

Ken Sack (262-488-3807) Jim Sisak (262-884-9505)

Steve Jansta (262-554-6376) or

• Monday July 18th - Angel Golf Classic at Meadowbrook CC

• Friday September 30th - McGuire/Letsch Golf Scramble Ives Grove Golf Course



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