How We Support SCHS


We provide SCHS with a continuing connection to the time and talents of alumni volunteers. We welcome SCHS administration, staff, foundation, alumni, and fundraising committees in using the Alumni House meeting spaces. It is a place created by Angels for Angels. Please accept our open invitation to join us for lunch on Mondays around 11:30.

How You Can Help


Friends of Angels Ltd. needs your financial support to retain ownership of the Alumni House, a valuable resource for the SCHS family, alumni, neighborhood and community. Read the story of how our group was formed and see the history of the building's renovation by Charlie's Angels. So many people came together to build it. We hope as many will help us sustain it.

Utilize the Alumni House


SCHS alumni are cordially invited to use the Alumni House for committee meetings and special get-togethers. Each year, the building is made available to SCHS standing committees as well as class reunion groups, who enjoy seeing the history of their SCHS experience documented in the photo collages and mementos that hang in the Alumni office. You may contact Chuck Wood or St. Catherine’s main office  to set up your date/s.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. 

You may contact us by email.

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